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Sen. Cruz: We Must Continue The Fight To Stop Obama's Bad Deal With Iran

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, released the following statement regarding votes on the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act:

"This bill was a missed opportunity. If Congress had acted to defend our constitutional authority - if Congress had adopted the Cruz-Toomey amendment - then we would be able to stop a bad Iran deal. Instead, the odds are now overwhelming that under these ground rules President Obama will negotiate, and Congress will acquiesce to, a terrible deal that allows Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and will endanger the lives of millions of Americans and our allies.

"I voted no on cloture because we should have insisted on amendments to put real teeth in this bill. Ultimately, I voted yes on final passage because it may delay, slightly, President Obama's ability to lift the Iran sanctions and it ensures we will have a Congressional debate on the merits of the Iran deal. I will continue to lead the fight to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and to protect the national security of America and our allies."

Sen. Cruz spoke about this legislation on the Senate floor on Wednesday. (See video above)



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