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Need Help With A Federal Agency?


My staff and I are ready and happy to help Texans cut through the red tape, solve problems, and get answers to questions about federal agencies.

MY OFFICE CAN HELP YOU IF: You are a Texas resident with a question about a federal agency, program, or process. We are happy to assist you. Although we cannot circumvent agency rules, force a decision in your favor, or change a decision that is already final, we can contact the agency on your behalf and ensure that your case is being handled properly. For assistance, please fill out the Your Information section below to create a case with our casework team and email the appropriate privacy release form to

If you are not a Texan, please contact your member of the U.S. House of Representatives or U.S. Senator for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are seeking assistance in legal matters, the advice of the Ethics Committee concerning pending court actions is that Senate offices should refrain from intervening in such legal actions until the matter has reached a resolution in the courts. The principle behind such advice is that the judicial system is the appropriate forum for the resolution of legal disputes and, therefore, the system should be allowed to function without interference from outside sources. If you require the services of an attorney, you may contact the State Bar of Texas at 1-800-204-2222 or visit their website.

What my office can do:

  • Help you communicate with federal agencies.
  • Request information or a status report on your case.
  • Submit an inquiry with a federal agency on your behalf.
  • Help you obtain basic information from a federal agency.

What my office cannot do:

  • Force a federal agency to act in your favor or speed up your case.
  • Provide legal advice or recommend an attorney.
  • Overturn or influence matters involving private businesses.
  • Intervene with state issues. My office cannot overturn or influence matters under the jurisdiction of local or state governments. If your issue involves state or municipal agencies, please contact your state legislators or contact the state agency directly.
  • Intervene with judicial issues. My office cannot legally get involved with pending litigation, including questions about criminal trials or imprisonment, child custody issues, deportation proceedings and civil lawsuits. My office cannot overturn or in any way influence a court’s decision.