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Sen. Cruz Statement on China’s Decision to Reinforce Death Sentence for Mark Swidan

HOUSTON, TexasU.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today released the following statement after China reinforced a death sentence for Mark Swidan, a Houston, Texas resident who has been unjustly detained by China since 2012:

“The Chinese Communist Party has unjustly detained Mark Swidan for over a decade. They have subjected him to physical and psychological abuse and atrocities. Today's announcement is an escalation in this detention and abuse. It’s completely unacceptable.

“Mark Swidan was convicted and sentenced to death on false charges. The Chinese court’s decision today is outrageous. It confirms that China is engaged in hostage taking and hostage blackmail. They aspire to be part of the community of nations, but these tactics are those used exclusively by Third World despots.

“Mark’s conditions are dire. The Biden administration should use every tool available to secure Mark’s safe return to Texas. It is clear that the Chinese Communist Party is committed to continuing their blackmail until the U.S. uses appropriate leverage to secure his release.”

Sen. Cruz is committed to securing Mark Swidan’s release. He regularly engages administration and Chinese officials on this crisis. In February, he introduced a resolution on the floor of the Senate calling on China to release Mark Swidan from prison.

Sen. Cruz has sought to shine a light and speak out for Americans unjustly detained all over the world, including the Citgo Six in Venezuela, and Americans held in Iran, Russia, and China.