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e-Newsletter - Week of March 3rd


It is the honor of my life to fight for 30 million Texans and it was a privilege, as it always is, to spend last week in the Lone Star State while the Senate was in recess. One of Texas’ great strengths is that we are a bustling aviation hub both nationally and globally. I spent time at the American Airlines Headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas while home and joined NBC DFW’s Julie Fine and Dallas Morning News’ Gromer Jeffers, Jr. to speak about it. Watch below. ↓


“American Airlines does a fantastic job. There’s a good 36,000 jobs here in Texas, mostly in North Texas, with American Airlines. One of the great strengths we have in the state of Texas is we are an incredible hub for aviation, both in the United States and all across the world.”



I teamed up with Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and introduced legislation called the CADET Act, which instructs military academies to change their policy so that if a female Cadet gets pregnant, has the ability to choose to keep her child instead of signing away her parental rights to stay in school. In December that legislation passed, and last week, I joined Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo to discuss that legislation that became law.

Watch below. ↓


“It makes no sense to take a young woman who is training to spend her life defending this nation and throw her out because she chose to become a mother as well.”


Monday evening, I joined Elizabeth MacDonald on The Evening Edit to demand answers from the government agencies that confirmed the COVID-19 pandemic resulted from a Chinese lab leak ↑

“China needs to be held accountable for the millions of lives that have been lost because of this virus, for the trillions of dollars of damage in terms of jobs destroyed, businesses destroyed, the world economy brought to its knees because of China's culpability.”

To see what I had to say to Sean Hannity Monday evening, click below ↓



“The fact that China's first reaction was to get rid of all the evidence shows that they knew they covered it up. China bears the responsibility and the entire corporate media - CNN, MSNBC, all of the alphabet soup, the Washington Post, the New York Times - not only did they not cover this, they eagerly repeated the Democrat talking points and the talking points from the Chinese Communist government.”

Tuesday morning, I joined Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg on Newsmax’s National Report ↓



“I'm on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Senate Judiciary Committee - to date Senate Democrats have had zero interest in accountability for this virus that killed so many people and did so much massive economic damage.”


Tuesday, I delivered remarks at the National Association of Broadcasters’ State Leadership Conference.


I honored the Texas Rangers’ Bicentennial anniversary with my Texas colleagues on Wednesday. Click above to view my remarks on the floor. ↑

This resolution passed by unanimous consent.

 “2023 marks 200 years since Stephen F. Austin formed the Texas Rangers to protect people who had settled in Texas from outlaws and hostile attacks. Over the years, the duties of the Texas Rangers expanded and they have played a key role in keeping Texas safe. From stopping an assassination attempt on President Taft to tracking down the infamous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde to doing the hard, painstaking work to arrest the cult leader Warren Jeffs, the Rangers are critical to law and order.”


Read the resolution here and the release here


To view my floor remarks on the Oswaldo Payá Way bill, please click above. ↑

 “I filed legislation to rename the street in front of the Cuban embassy in Washington D.C. ‘Oswaldo Payá Way.’ Renaming the street in front of the Cuban embassy would send a powerful message to the communist regime.”


Wednesday, Chairwoman Cantwell and I presided over a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing on the nomination of Phil Washington to lead the Federal Aviation Administration. 

“Mr. Washington is not the right nominee to lead the FAA. President Biden should nominate someone with serious aviation safety experience, which is what the flying public deserves.”

Read the release here.


Earlier that morning, I attended a hearing for the Senate Judiciary Committee on oversight of the Department of Justice. ↑

To Attorney General Merrick Garland, Sen. Cruz said:

“Your failure to act to protect the safety of the justices and their families was an obvious product of political bias.”

I joined Stuart Varney of Fox Business’s Varney & Co. on Thursday morning to discuss the Senate’s recent vote on a resolution to block a Biden administration rule that allows investment managers to invest retirement funds to further far-left policies rather than investing for growth so that Americans have sufficient retirement savings. We also discussed my questioning of AG Garland, which can be seen above. Watch below. ↓


“The Senate stood together with a bipartisan vote yesterday and reversed this and said you ought to be able to save for your retirement without politicians impacting and hurting your savings.”

Rest assured, I’m fighting for Texas. I look forward to returning next week to continue working on behalf of the 30 million Texans. God bless you all.

Keep Texas Strong, 







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State and Service Spotlight

Wishing a late happy Texas Independence Day to all!


Save Our Service Members Organization


Texas Christian University Students visiting Washington, D.C.


Members of the Texas Association of Broadcasters


Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson and leaders from the City of Amarillo


Just Keep Livin’ Foundation Texas Students visiting Washington, D.C.


Greater Houston Partnership members participating in their 2023 Washington, D.C. Fly-In


Meeting with Texas Association of Business Leadership and Members


Honoring The Texas Rangers 200th Anniversary with Major James Thomas of the Texas Rangers and representatives from the Texas Ranger Bicentennial Committee and the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame


With members of the Civil Air Patrol Texas Delegation