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e-Newsletter: Week of December 8th

Good Evening,

Under Joe Biden’s watch, the Department of Justice has become the most partisan we’ve ever seen, acting as the political strong-arm of the DNC. I am appalled by the actions of this administration to weaponize the DOJ and strip the power away from the American people. As a result, the FBI has become the Democrat’s vigilant attack dog, promoting their political ambitions and silencing dissenters. I am regularly approached by FBI agents, honorable men and women who stand up for the rule of law, who are frustrated about the weakening of the integrity of this institution because it’s being used as a political weapon. This week, I confronted FBI Director Christopher Wray on his negligent and partisan decisions to cover up the Biden family’s ongoing corruption allegations from the American people. This is a disgusting abuse of power that must be thoroughly checked by Congress.



“I think the Department of Justice [and the FBI] has been profoundly politicized. … In particular, the investigation into multiple allegations of corruption concerning Hunter Biden, and Joe Biden. … Now, Democrats and those in the media trying to defend the White House, repeatedly say there is no direct evidence of Joe Biden's involvement in his son's corruption. … Nobody answers these questions, and it's why people are furious with a cover up because you don't believe the FBI is accountable to Congress or to the American people.”

On Tuesday, I also met with the Sameh Shoukry, Foreign Minister of Egypt and Motaz Zahran, Ambassador of Egypt to the United States to discuss the crisis unfolding in the Middle East.


Later Tuesday evening, as the ranking member on the Senate Commerce Committee, I spoke on the Senate floor to stop big auto from killing life-saving AM radio. 


“AM radio is a haven for free speech. [It] is a haven for people to speak even if their views are disfavored by the political ruling class. Talk radio is an oasis for conservatives. … I believe these automakers stood up to remove AM radio as a part of a border pattern we see of censoring views that are disfavored by big business.”

On Wednesday, I joined Sean Hannity on Fox News to discuss the severity of the political weaponization of the FBI and DOJ because they believe they are not held accountable to the American people.



“This Department of Justice, this FBI, is the most political, the most partisan, [and] the most weaponized we have ever seen. … I asked Chris Wray, ‘Did the FBI try to determine if [Hunter and Joe Biden were engaged in] bribery shakedown?’ … It is the biggest lie. It is the biggest shell game. They claim it is an open investigation, but they aren’t investigating anything.”

On Thursday morning, I joined Stuart Varney on Fox Business to address the condescending motives of Democrats to not do anything to secure our southern border. 


“Two days ago, we were having a classified briefing in the Capitol on Ukraine, all the senators were in the briefing, and it erupted into a screaming match. … The reason was, Chuck Schumer [had] prompted it all, because he sat there smugly [and] condescendingly saying, ‘We're going to do nothing on border security.’ They don't care about border security. They're not going to do it.”

Rest assured, I will continue to defend the integrity of our democracy. God Bless!

Keep Texas Strong, 



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