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e-Newsletter: Week of December 15th

Good Evening,

This week, I voted in favor of final passage of the FY24 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which includes five bipartisan victories I was proud to spearhead. One measure reinforces our defense and national security interests by ensuring B-1 bombers at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas remain in service as long as necessary for our national defense. Another measure streamlines the presidential permitting process for building four bridges across the Rio Grande in Brownsville, Laredo, and Eagle Pass. A third victory counters the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to influence our children in schools. A fourth measure addresses the Maduro regime’s seizure of Americans, including Texans, as hostages in Venezuela, and a fifth victory holds corrupt officials accountable for Vladimir Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

“Overall, this bill ensures our military is able to defend the United States at home and abroad, and it secures Texas as a pillar of America’s defense capabilities.”

This year’s NDAA also provides funding for military construction projects in Texas, including:


Read more about the five bipartisan measures I secured for Texas in the national defense bill: HERE

On Tuesday, I joined Hannity on Fox News to discuss the ongoing horrific harassment of Jewish students on Harvard University’s campus. I also addressed the disgraceful testimony of Harvard’s President Claudine Gay before Congress.


 “[Harvard University President, Claudine Gay] is a radical leftist [and] a cultural Marxist. … This is Cultural Marxism: they define Jews as oppressors [and] they define Palestinians as victims. The cultural Marxists support the violent revolution of the victims against the ‘so-called’ oppressors. … They are cheering for the Hamas terrorists. It is disgraceful. And I gotta say at Harvard, you are seeing Jewish students being harassed. You're seeing Jewish students afraid to go to class, and these leftists are unwilling to stand up and defend their students. She should resign. And I gotta tell you, I think there are thousands upon thousands of Harvard alums who are horrified at the behavior of the institution right now.”

On Wednesday, as the ranking member on the Senate Commerce Committee, I attended a hearing where we discussed the future of commercial space flight.


“It’s not the value of our system to have asinine delays that accomplish nothing, and that put us at a disadvantage compared to our competitors. We are in a race for space. Understand I'm not advocating for a wholesale repeal of our environmental laws or NEPA. I'm just arguing for them not to be applied and in a way that slows down commercial space. Under the current status quo with agencies giving the opportunity for third party lawsuits to derail commercial space development—that is slowing down our effectiveness.”

On Thursday, I addressed my colleagues on the Senate floor urging a vote on passage for a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorization bill extension to keep the flying public safe.


“More than 7.5 million Americans will fly to see loved ones and celebrate the holidays. A record number. This is no easy feat. A seamless travel experience depends on airlines, on air traffic controllers, on airport managers, [and] on TSA screeners—all working together for the aviation system to run efficiently during times of extreme strain, like the holiday season. … There's one problem, the FAA’s authorities are set to expire at the end of the year. Without the FAA extension, air travel and air cargo … will be severely impacted. At the moment, we face a potential challenge of not extending the FAA’s authorities because of the objections of a Senate Democrats. This is irresponsible and frankly bad for the safety agency's ability to operate effectively.”

Rest assured, I will continue to stop at nothing to fight for the priorities of Texans across the Lone Star State. God Bless! 

Keep Texas Strong, 



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