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e-Newsletter: Week of December 1st

Good Evening, 

Two weeks ago, I joined several of my Republican colleagues in the Senate in pushing for a vote on the motion to proceed on a House-passed bill that would provide $14.3 billion in emergency aid to Israel. I am gravely disappointed that Senate Democrats voted party line on this issue, opposing critical aid to our Israeli allies and failing to protect American national security. This legislation should have passed 100-0. We must deliver this much-needed aid and support to Israel as they work to utterly eradicate Hamas, for as long as it takes. This week, I met with several American families of U.S. hostages facing the brutal terror of Hamas. I committed to standing with them, praying for the freedom of their loved ones, and working with colleagues to ensure that Israel has the support it needs to bring American hostages home.   



On Monday, I joined Chris Salcedo on Newsmax to discuss how the Biden administration is putting our national security at risk by prioritizing their woke agenda over enforcing the law for drug traffickers and human smugglers crossing our southern border.


Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), under Joe Biden, recently [put out] a memo to border patrol agents saying, ‘do not use pronouns to address illegal immigrants, human traffickers or drug traffickers as he, she, him or her.’ It is utterly asinine. Right now [our country is at] the greatest risk of a terrorist attack since 9/11. CBP also knows Hamas and Hezbollah are trying to send terrorists across our southern border except these woke ideologues … are now trying to figure out what's your gender identity and your sexual orientation. … If you break the law, we ought to enforce the law.”

Monday evening, I also joined Sean Hannity on Fox News ahead of viewing nearly an hour’s worth of footage released by the Israeli government on the unspeakable evil that took place on October 7th at the hands of Hamas.


"[This week in] the Senate I'm doing something I'm really not looking forward to. … I'm going to watch about an hour of footage … of the atrocities these terrorists have committed. I'm gonna see tragically terrorists raping young women, raping children and murdering children. … This is evil and we've got to stop it.”

On Tuesday, as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I attended a hearing to discuss the issue of gun control and the radical left’s soft-on-crime policies that would strip guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. 




“There are no moderate Democrats left in Congress. Today’s Democrats, when it comes to guns, their objective is to disarm law-abiding citizens [and] simultaneously embrace policies that release violent criminals from jail. They’re not interested in locking up murderers. … They’re not interested in locking up violent criminals. Instead, they systematically support policies that release violent criminals.”

On Thursday, I attended a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on a Biden nominee to the federal bench who signed a letter calling for the release of ALL prisoners during the pandemic. I challenged my Democrat colleagues to consider the severe gravity of this nominee’s actions before voting party line on this judicial nominee.



“A judge who calls for releasing every violent criminal in the state of Connecticut who's on pretrial containment shouldn't be a judge. You all know it. The choice you're facing is, ‘Well, if I vote no, the White House is gonna be really mad. If I vote no, Chuck Schumer's gonna be really mad.’ … You're United States Senators … you don't represent the White House. You don't represent Chuck Schumer. … You were elected to represent the citizens of your own states [and] I promise you the citizens of your state would find this a simple question.”  

Rest assured, I will not stand idly by and let the radical left continue to destroy our great nation. God Bless! 

Keep Texas Strong, 



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