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VIDEO: How Chinese Censorship Led to a Global Pandemic

HOUSTON, Texas - As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact communities in Texas and all across the country, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today released a new video, ‘Coronavirus Coverup: How Chinese Censorship Led to a Global Pandemic.' First reported in the Dallas Morning News, the new video highlights the role of the Chinese Communist Party in silencing medical experts who tried to warn the world about this dangerous disease, using the World Health Organization - whose own mission is to "disseminate public health information of international significance" - to parrot Chinese propaganda, and allowing the initial outbreak in Wuhan to become a global pandemic.

WATCH: Coronavirus Coverup: How Chinese Censorship Led to a Global Pandemic

Throughout his Senate career, Sen. Cruz has focused on China's human rights violations and censorship, not only because of the need to liberate the Chinese people from the Communist Party, but also because they put America and the rest of the world at risk.

In the video, Sen. Cruz reaffirmed his commitment to holding Chinese officials accountable for their culpability in covering up the coronavirus outbreak, saying:

"For the eight years I've been in the Senate, I've every year made standing up to China and strengthening America against China a top national security priority. Our priority now needs to be the immediacy of defeating this pandemic. Once we defeat it, there needs to be serious, careful inquiry into what the hell happened, how could it have been stopped, and how could we have saved all of the lives that are being lost right now."

As Dallas Morning News' Todd Gillman, who first reported the video, wrote:

"‘There needs to be accountability. There needs to be a reckoning - assessing what exactly was China's culpability,' [Cruz] said. Cruz cited China's well-documented initial cover as reason for suspicion, and asserted that threats to cut off medical supplies could amount to an act of war."

"The Chinese government [...] aggressively covered up and hid the Wuhan outbreak" and tried to silence medical experts who sounded an alarm. ‘There is a very real possibility that we could have stopped this outbreak" and averted the huge cost in lives and jobs worldwide,' he said."

Click here to learn more about Sen. Cruz's efforts to hold China accountable for its censorship, oppression, and human rights atrocities.

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