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Sen. Cruz: We Must Stop A Nuclear Iran

Participates in discussion with Nobel peace laureate Elie Wiesel about the Obama Administration's nuclear negotiations with Iran

WASHINGTON, DC -- Today, U.S. Sen. Cruz, R-Texas, participated in a panel discussion with Nobel peace laureate Elie Wiesel and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach regarding the dangers of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.
In his remarks Mr. Wiesel said, "When evil begins its work, don't give it another chance." In addition to highlighting the importance of preventing Iran from reaching nuclear capability, the event focused on Mr. Wiesel’s lifetime efforts to raise awareness of the horrors of the Holocaust, and the importance of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to Congress.
Below are excerpts of Sen. Cruz’s remarks during the discussion.
"What matters is what we do right now to address the single greatest national security threat facing both the nation of Israel and the United States: what we do right now to ensure that in no circumstances will the nation of Iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons capability. The gravity of this threat cannot be overstated. With respect to the nation of Israel, I agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu that a nuclear Iran presents an existential threat to Israel."
“And Khomeini and the mullahs have not been subtle in any regard about what their objectives are in the nuclear program. This is not about powering the lights. The father of the Iranian nuclear program, who thankfully has now met his maker, involuntarily I might add, in his last will and testament he explicitly provided what he wanted on his tombstone. He specified that his tombstone would read ‘here lies a man who has sought to annihilate the nation of Israel.’ Those are his words written in his last will and testament. If you want to understand what we are facing, that is what we are talking about.”
"And for those who say, well that may be Israel’s concerns but how does that impact America. It is not by accident that Iran refers to Israel as the Little Satan and America as the Great Satan. Which I would note Great Satan is not a compliment.”
“In Iran they have a holiday they celebrate every year. It's called Death to America day. It is the anniversary of Iran taking Americans hostages and they celebrate it every year. Just over a year ago Iran named as their United Nations ambassador one of the terrorists that participated in holding Americans hostage, Hamid Aboutalebi.”
"As we sit here today. Iran is building centrifuges, Iran is enriching uranium, Iran is continuing to develop its ICBM program and for three years we have gone round and round in pointless negotiations while we endanger both our security and Israel's security.”



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