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Sen. Cruz: This Deal Is No Different Than Calling the Iranian Supreme Leader, Asking If They’re Developing Nuclear Weapons, and Taking His Word For It

WASHINGTON, D.C. - After attending a briefing on the Iranian nuclear deal, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) offered the following remarks:

"This Obama Iranian Nuclear Deal is a bad deal. It keeps getting worse. The more you hear about the deal, the less confident you are. I'll tell you the discussions of the inspection regime, they're classified, but they produce no comfort or security, whatsoever. At the end of the day the inspection regime we all know about the 24-days notice, which is a delay that is designed only to give the Iranian regime time to cover up their nuclear program.

"But hearing the specific details, this deal is not materially different than simply calling the Iranian supreme leader, asking if they're developing nuclear weapons, and taking his word for it when he says ‘no.'

"The idea that we would trust Iran to inspect their own facilities takes a level of gullibility and naiveté that exceeds the standards even of the Obama Administration. Nobody would sign this agreement without knowing full well that the predictable and certain outcome of this agreement is that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons. And no one in their right mind would want a regime that is led by a radical, theocratic Ayatollah, who chants ‘Death to America,' to acquire nuclear weapons.

"In my view, the Iranian nuclear deal is catastrophic, and there is no higher priority over the next 60 days than to energize and mobilize the American people to reach out to every member of Congress, Republican and Democrat, and urge them to reject this deal.

"In my view, the vote on this deal will be the most important vote any member of the Senate casts, likely, in his or her entire career. And the focus in particular, should be on Senate Democrats and Congressional Democrats because they face a fundamental choice: Will they put first the national security of our country, the safety and security of our friends and allies, the safety and security of the Nation of Israel, and the lives of millions of Americans? Or will they put first, instead, partisan loyalty to the Obama White House. I very much hope and pray we see a reemergence of Joe Lieberman Democrats, we see a reemergence of Scoop Jackson Democrats, of John F. Kennedy Democrats, of Democrats who say ‘My first priority is representing and defending the United States of America and keeping this nation first trumps any level of partisan loyalty.' It is my hope and prayer that is where Democrats end up, and the next 60 days will resolve that question. Thank you very much."


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