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Sen. Cruz Responds to President Obama’s ISIS Address

WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s address on his agenda to combat ISIS. He also discussed his plan to stop ISIS in more detail in an CNN op-ed posted on Wednesday afternoon, and responded to the President’s speech on Fox News’ The Kelly File.
"Tonight's speech was disappointing, but not surprising. The President's approach to ISIS has been – and remains – fundamentally unserious.
"Surely one must question anyone who holds up the nations of Somalia and Yemen as models for any kind of success – especially if he is the United States President. To this day, these nations remain hotbeds of terrorism.
"While our U.S. forces have impressively taken out individual terrorist leaders in these regions, the diplomatic and military strategies have not resulted in the destruction of the enemy. If the goal is to destroy ISIS, President Obama should not try to replicate a strategy that has not destroyed other enemies.
"To defeat ISIS and keep America safe, we should not seek to create more Yemens or Somalias. Instead, we need a Commander in Chief who articulates a specific military objective tethered directly to defending U.S. national security. We did not see that tonight.
"We should destroy ISIS altogether, using overwhelming airpower to ensure they cannot bring jihad to America.
"We should also secure our Southern border, so it is not vulnerable to terrorist infiltration, and pass the legislation that I have introduced to strip any U.S. citizens who choose to fight with ISIS of their citizenship. No ISIS terrorist should be able to return to America with a U.S. passport.
"Moreover, it is extremely unwise to suggest a U.S. strategy be contingent on any kind of broad coalition building or political reconciliation in Iraq or Syria. To conduct this mission effectively, the United States government—with the consent of Congress—should making executing its mission the critical priority.
"Finally, President Obama must come to Congress to receive authorization, as required by the Constitution. Tonight, he indicated the threat of ISIS is not imminent and that his plan could consume several years. Therefore, the Constitution requires that the President must come to Congress for authorization  It is not a luxury, or an option. It is required by the Constitution.
"Doing so would force him to articulate a clear strategy, gain critical bipartisan support, and unite America in the mission to eradicate ISIS."



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