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Sen. Cruz on President Biden’s Border Crisis: ‘I Believe the American People Have a Right to Know What’s Happening’

Appears on ‘Hannity’ and ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss his trip to the border and President Biden’s plan to raise taxes

HOUSTON, Texas - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this week appeared on Fox News' ‘Hannity' and ‘Fox & Friends' to discuss his recent Congressional Delegation trip to the border and President Biden's upcoming massive infrastructure spending package. Highlights of his interviews are below.

WATCH: Sen. Cruz on Fox: President Biden's Decisions Created This Border Crisis

On his trip to the border and the ongoing crisis caused by President Biden's policies, Sen. Cruz said:

"We encountered caravans of illegal immigrants walking up the trails coming north from the Rio Grande River. We saw little kids walking, some of them walking alone. We saw young mothers carrying infants and nursing them as they walked along the trails, and they all went to the first processing facility that's set up. It's outside, underneath a highway bridge. [...] The next day we went to where they get sent, which is the Donna facility. The Donna [facility] is this gigantic tent city. It is massive. It was designed to hold a thousand people, but with COVID restriction, its capacity is only 250. When we toured the Donna facility, there were over 4,000 people crammed into there. These are the Biden cages. For four years, we heard Democrats in the media screaming about kids in cages under Donald Trump. What they didn't admit is Barack Obama built the cages and Joe Biden is building new cages, and they're bigger and they're more full. Kids were packed in there. It was at a 1,500 capacity level, and the COVID-19 positivity rate in that facility is about 10 percent." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Hannity,' 3/30/21)

"I took a number of photographs. I took a number of videos because the Biden administration refused to allow the media. [...] The Trump administration allowed media in, the Obama administration did, the George W. Bush administration did. The Bill Clinton administration did, but not Biden. They desperately wanted to cover it up. As you noted, Biden did send a political minder, a woman who said she was the senior advisor to the commissioner of CBP, who jumped in front of my phone, blocked the shot and began berating senators, saying, ‘You can't take these pictures.' I believe the American people have a right to know what's happening, and Joe Biden should not have the ability to cover it up and hide the inhumane treatment, the public health menace he's creating, and the national security crisis his policies have created." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Hannity,' 3/30/21)

"These cages that the kids were in [in the Donna facility], they weren't six feet apart. They weren't three feet apart. They weren't even six inches apart. They were literally lying on the floor. There are no beds there, no cots lying on the floor, side by side, touching, huddled under reflective aluminum foil, emergency blankets.[...] Just that morning, a dozen boys had tested positive for COVID-19, and they keep putting them in these cramped locations. By the way, yesterday, I went to Dallas to a different facility, the Kay Bailey Hutchison facility, which is the convention center downtown. They've turned it into an emergency detention center, and there's one gigantic room. It is the size of three and a half football fields. So it's massive. The entire room is nothing but cots, one after the other. [...] Nothing but teenage boys ages 13 to 17. This is the Biden crisis. He is responsible. The important thing to understand is it was political decisions Joe Biden made that caused this crisis, three in particular. The week he got sworn in, he halted construction of the border wall. He reinstated the failed catch and release policy, and he ended the ‘Remain in Mexico' international agreement, which had stopped this last year. We had the lowest illegal immigration in 45 years. Right now, today, we have the highest illegal immigration in 20 years. It was preventable, and it's Joe Biden's fault." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Hannity,' 3/30/21)

On President Biden's massive infrastructure bill and plan to raise taxes, Sen. Cruz said:

"The first three months of the Biden administration, this has been an administration of the government, by the government, for the government. The only thing it appears they're in favor of is more government spending, more taxes, and more government power over your lives. Across the country, millions of small businesses are hurting. We've had a horrific year with a pandemic, with Democrat officials mandating shut downs, with millions of small businesses shutting down. Now, Joe Biden wants to come along and jack up taxes on all those small business owners, destroying jobs. Him going to Pittsburgh is particularly ironic. It really is a thumb in the eye of working men and women. He's going to Pittsburgh because he started his administration the first week by ending the Keystone pipeline with a stroke of a pen, destroying 11,000 jobs, including 8,000 union jobs. And he announced he's reentering the Paris Agreement, which will destroy, again, hundreds of thousands of jobs across this country, blue collar working class jobs. You know, Joe likes to say he's from Scranton. Well, the people from Scranton are getting the short end of the stick with the government hammering energy jobs, oil and gas jobs, manufacturing jobs, steel jobs - any job where you're working on the line making something, your job is getting a lot more in danger because of Joe Biden giving in to the radical left." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Fox & Friends,' 3/31/21)

WATCH: Sen. Cruz on Fox & Friends: Discusses President Biden's Border Crisis & Radical Tax Hike

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