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Sen. Cruz on Hannity: “What is it With Liberals That They Look at Putin, They Look at Xi, They Look at the Ayatollah and Say, ‘What They Need is Billions of American Dollars’’’

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) yesterday joined Fox News' ‘Hannity' to talk about the inflation crisis under President Biden and the administration's foreign policy failures. Highlights of his interview are below.

WATCH: Cruz on Hannity: The Biden-Harris Administration Has Been a Domestic, Economic & Fiscal Disaster

On the Biden administration's foreign policy failures, Sen. Cruz said:

"If you look at Biden's foreign policy and you break the world into two groups, our friends and our enemies. What does Biden do? He undermines and weakens our friends systematically over and over and over again. And what does he do for our enemies like Israel? He has undermined the government of Israel repeatedly. What does he do to our enemies? He shows weakness. He shows appeasement. He coddles them and he sends them billions of dollars. What is it with liberals that they look at Putin, they look at Xi, they look at the Ayatollah and say, ‘What they need is billions of American dollars.'"

On the Biden administration waiving sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Sen. Cruz said:

"We heard Democrats saying Russia, Russia, Russia. Well, what did Joe Biden do? He just gave a multi-billion dollar gift to Vladimir Putin. He waived the mandatory sanctions on Nord Stream 2. I'm the author of those sanctions. I wrote those sanctions. They're bipartisan. They passed a year and a half ago. And that pipeline, that natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany was 90 percent complete. President Trump signed those sanctions at seven p.m. on a Thursday night, 15 minutes earlier at 6:45, the company that was building the pipeline announced they were immediately halting. We had won. It was a massive foreign policy and national security victory. And Joe Biden screwed it up and gave a gigantic gift to Putin. That mistake is a generational geopolitical blunder where a generation from now Russia will be making billions from Joe Biden's gifts and Europe and America will be hurting as a result."

On the inflation crisis under President Biden, Sen. Cruz said:

"I think part of the reason we're seeing people go to Bitcoin is because we're on the verge of an inflation crisis and Joe Biden has proposed seven trillion dollars in new spending. We're seeing inflation, which we're seeing lumber going up, homes going up, oil going up, gasoline going up, energy going up, commodities going up. And I think people are going to Bitcoin as a hedge against that."


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