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Sen. Cruz on Fox News: To Stop Mass Shootings, Focus on Criminals, Not on Law-Abiding Citizens

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today appeared on Fox & Friends urging Congress and President Trump to reject Democrats' gun control agenda and instead take up and pass Grassley-Cruz, bipartisan legislation to prevent mass shootings and protect people's lives as well as their constitutional and God-given right to self-defense.

Reinforcing the need for legislation that targets criminals, not law-abiding citizens, Sen. Cruz said:

"I think we absolutely need to act to stop gun violence. I was in Odessa right after the shooting in Texas, I was in El Paso right after the shooting there. I've been in Sutherland Springs right after that shooting, I was in Santa Fe right after that shooting. These mass murders, there are too many of them, it is horrific, and we need to act to stop it, but the question is: What is effective to stop mass murders?

"What the Democrats are pushing is a gun control agenda, and their real objective, we saw on that debate stage. Three of ten Democrats on that debate stage are actively advocating federal gun confiscation. The federal government forcibly taking your firearms, that's their agenda. That doesn't work, that doesn't stop crimes, and in fact when you disarm people you increase crimes.

"So what we ought to do is we ought to pass legislation that I introduced in 2013, it's called Grassley-Cruz. It targets felons, it targets fugitives, it targets those with dangerous mental illness, and it stops them from getting guns, and it puts them in jail for crimes they have committed before they can murder others."

Sen. Cruz also discussed Democrats' assault on the Supreme Court. When asked about the now-disproved New York Times article on Justice Kavanaugh and the efforts by Democrats in Congress to undermine the Supreme Court, Sen. Cruz said:

"There is something bigger going on. This is about trying to intimidate the court. This is about sending a message not just to Brett Kavanaugh but to John Roberts. That the New York Times and the left and the 2020 Democrats, they believe if they attack the court, if they go right at the independence of the court, they can change the rulings and cause the justices not to follow the law.

"You know, this New York Times story, even for the New York Times was ridiculous. At the end of the day, the story is: Well, some guy said some other guy said something happened. And then we discover, number one [...] the alleged witness, actually didn't talk to the reporters at all, so the guy they based the whole story on never talked to them.

"But number two, they then issue this correction that's rather stunning: Oh by the way, the woman who is the alleged victim didn't talk to us and tells her friend she doesn't remember this at all. So by the way, the alleged victim isn't alleging anything. And here is the point, the New York Times-- they knew what they were doing. This was not accidental."

Watch Sen. Cruz's full interview here.