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Sen. Cruz on Fox News: Dangerous S.1. is a ‘Massive Democrat Power Grab’

Joins ‘Hannity’ and ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss Democrats’ Corrupt Politicians Act and his 46 proposed amendments

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this week joined Fox News' 'Hannity' and 'America's Newsroom' to discuss Democrats' dangerous S.1. bill before the Senate Rules Committee today. Better known as the Corrupt Politicians Act, S.1. would effectively destroy the integrity of our elections and cement Democrat power for decades. Highlights of his interviews are below.

WATCH: Sen. Cruz on Fox News: SR 1 Is a Massive Democrat Power Grab & The Most Dangerous Bill in Congress

On Democrats' Congressional strategy, Sen. Cruz said:

"There's kind of two buckets of what the Democrats are trying to do. One is bad policy, things like massive new taxes, massive new spending, massive new regulations. All of those are going to hurt Americans all across the country. But there's a second bucket that is really rigging the game, trying to change the rules so they never lose again. And the crown jewel of the rigging the game proposals is the Corrupt Politicians Act."
(Sen. Cruz, ‘Hannity,' 5/10/2021)

"So Congress does have some authority over elections and it would certainly be litigated. Are there provisions of the Corrupt Politicians Act that in any fair court would be struck down? Absolutely. But here's the really bad news: The only way the Democrats will pass the Corrupt Politicians Act is if they can get all 50 Democrats to end the filibuster. If they end the filibuster, they'll do this. But they'll also make D.C. a state, adding two new Democratic senators and they'll pack the U.S. Supreme Court, adding four left-wing justices. And if they do that, four left-wing justices will vote to uphold the Corrupt Politicians Act and keep Democrats in power forever. This is all about rigging the game and stealing your right to vote. It's saying to the voters, ‘you can't vote the bums out no matter how much damage they do to the country.'" (Sen. Cruz, ‘Hannity,' 5/10/2021)

On his fight against the radical provisions in S.1., Sen. Cruz said:

"It's the number one bill Chuck Schumer has as a priority in the Senate. Many of us are calling it the Corrupt Politicians Act because what it does is it federalizes elections and it strikes down virtually every voter integrity law that has been adopted at the state level. [...] This bill would automatically register millions of illegal aliens to vote and millions of felons, millions of criminals to vote. And the reason the Democrats want to do it is that they believe reasonably, I think that millions of illegal aliens and millions of felons voting are likely to vote Democrat. And their objective is to rig the game and stay in power for the next hundred years and to take the power away from the American voters." (Sen. Cruz, ‘America's Newsroom,' 5/11/2021)

"I've got 46 amendments that I've introduced, that I'm going to force Democrats to vote on one after the other, after the other. What this bill does, it's a massive federal takeover of elections all across this country. It strikes down almost every voter integrity law that's ever been adopted in the states. So, for example, twenty nine states require voter ID. It's a very reasonable common sense provision. The Corrupt Politicians Act strikes all of those laws down. Thirty one states prohibit vote harvesting, prohibited paid operatives, collecting other people's ballots and potentially stealing those votes. This bill strikes all of those provisions down. This bill, the Corrupt Politicians Act, would register millions of illegal aliens. It would register millions of criminals to vote because Democrats believe, and I think quite reasonably, that millions of illegal aliens and millions of criminals are likely to vote Democratic. This bill turns the Federal Election Commission into a partisan weapon to find, to prosecute, to sue Republicans. It gives Chuck Schumer a federal agency as an attack dog. And not only that, this bill is welfare for politicians. It provides a federal match of six to one. If a candidate raises money for a campaign, the federal government matches at six to one, which would give hundreds of millions of dollars to politicians. [...] This is a massive Democratic power grab. And it's because the number one priority of Joe Biden, of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is to stay in power for 100 years and to steal the rights of the voters to vote them out. I am leading the fight against this." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Hannity,' 5/10/2021)

On voter fraud, Sen. Cruz said:

"I think it is a strange talking point that the Democrats have adopted, and that the corrupt media has adopted, that says voter fraud doesn't exist. It's strange because voter fraud has existed since the beginning of our country. [...] This has been a problem for 200 years. And it's not just me saying it. It's the United States Supreme Court, 6-3 in the decision upholding Indiana's voter ID law, a law that I helped defend on behalf of a number of states. [...] The last major bipartisan examination of voter fraud was a commission called the Carter Baker Commission. It was chaired by Democratic President Jimmy Carter and Republican Secretary of State James Baker. The Carter Baker commission concluded, rightly, that voter fraud is a serious and persistent problem that has changed the outcome in numerous elections. It recommended a whole host of reforms to prevent voter fraud, things like requiring photo ID. What is the Corrupt Politicians Act do? It literally does the opposite of the recommendations from the Carter Baker Commission. In fact, it takes the areas where the Carter Baker commission said are most likely to cause fraud, things like mail-in voting, things like ballot harvesting, and it mandates them universally." (Sen. Cruz, ‘America's Newsroom,' 5/11/2021)

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