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FAA Answers Questions, Sen. Cruz Releases Hold

Remains deeply concerned about Obama Administration's unprecedented decision to ban flights to Israel

WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today lifted his hold on State Department nominees following an extensive briefing this morning with senior Federal Aviation Authority officials who answered his questions regarding the Obama Administration’s unprecedented decision to ban all U.S. flights to Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel for thirty-six hours last week.

“I appreciate the FAA’s efforts to respond to my questions, and so I have lifted my hold on State Department nominees.  The hold was designed to force answers to important questions about why the Obama Administration had banned flights to Israel.  Thankfully, in response to widespread criticism, the Administration has now reversed course and lifted its ban on flights to Ben Gurion International Airport.
"Nevertheless, I remain concerned that the Administration was so willing to impose grave economic harm on our friend and ally Israel in order to try to pressure them into acceding to Secretary Kerry's foreign policy demands.  In response, Hamas declared the FAA's flight ban to be a 'great victory' in their terror war on Israel.  I hope that the Administration will not go down this path again, and that we will instead stand with bipartisan unity in support of the nation of Israel."
Sen. Cruz had publicly asked a series of questions about the flight ban, which a State Department spokeswoman refused to answer, dismissing them as “offensive and ridiculous.” Sen. Cruz then announced he would hold all State Department nominees until the questions were answered. Those questions are listed here.


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