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Sen. Cruz Issues Statement on Recent Venezuela Coup

Venezuela’s democratic foundations have been damaged

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) issued the following statement on the recent developments in Venezuela:

“The Maduro regime knows no limits. It has nationalized businesses, arrested desperate owners who can barely break even with the regime’s destructive excuse for an economic policy, and forced thousands of poor Venezuelans to cross into neighboring countries just to buy basic necessities. Seemingly unsatisfied by the devastation already inflicted, Maduro and his henchmen have now chosen to dissolve the National Assembly with egregious disregard for Venezuela’s democratic values and constitutional order. This is a desperate attempt by a deeply unpopular man to consolidate control in the face of failure. Maduro has made poor Venezuelans poorer, destroyed his country’s struggling middle class and is completing a process begun by his mentor – Hugo Chavez – to turn Venezuela into a failed state; we must not allow this to happen or permit Venezuela’s suffering to continue without a strong response. 

Venezuela’s democratic foundations have been damaged. Until the legislature and proper rule of law is reinstated, there is no place in the Organization of American States for an intolerant and oppressive dictatorship. I urge member states and allies to condemn this hostile act. In order to restore peace and security in Latin America, we should join forces and lend our voices to holding Maduro and his regime accountable. The people of Venezuela will no longer suffer in silence, and they will no longer stand alone.”


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