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The News with Sen. Cruz - September 11, 2015


September 11, 2015


First and foremost, today we remember the victims of September 11, 2001: the people in the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, emblems of America’s economic power, and the first responders who charged in to save them. The military and civilian personnel in the Pentagon working to keep our country safe. The innocent passengers on those three doomed flights, some of whom heroically sacrificed themselves to minimize the casualties on the ground. 

But as we pause in their honor, we must also look forward. The hard fact of the matter is that today, we again face a gathering threat from radical Islamists who may have changed their name or affiliation, but who are unchanged in their determination to degrade, and ultimately destroy, the West.

This week in the Senate, we debated a resolution disapproving the catastrophic Iran nuclear deal – a deal that would send over $100 billion to jihadists; a deal that would facilitate and accelerate Iran acquiring nuclear weapons; a deal that leaves four American citizens languishing in Iranian prisons; a deal that once again demonstrates the lawlessness of the Obama Administration. Although Democrats filibustered the disapproval resolution, the fight to block this deal is not over.

I remain resolved to doing everything in my power to stop this disastrous deal and keep Americans safe.

Please keep reading for an update on the latest news in the Senate.

Keep Texas strong,

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Ted Cruz

          Sen. Cruz Op-Ed in POLITICO: We Can Stop the Iran Deal and Here’s How to Do It

Sen. Cruz penned an op-ed for POLITICO, outlining a detailed plan to derail the Iran nuclear deal. If President Barack Obama’s catastrophic nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s foremost terrorist state, goes forward, there will be nothing to stop it from obtaining a nuclear bomb.

Read the full op-ed here.

Sen. Cruz: We Can Stop the Iran Deal

On Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner laying out a three-step approach to stop the flow of funds to the Iranian regime according to the terms of Corker-Cardin, the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act which was passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Obama. In his letter, Sen. Cruz reminds the majority leadership that this deal would allow billions of frozen Iranian assets to go directly to jihadists who would use these funds to attack America and our allies, and urges McConnell and Boehner to use their legal authority to declare the deal unlawful.  

Read the full release and letter here. 

Sen. Cruz: This Terrible Deal Will Not Stop a Virulently Anti-American and Anti-Israeli Regime From Getting a Nuclear Bomb

Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday delivered a speech on the Senate floor strongly opposing the Administration’s Iran nuclear deal and urging 42 Democrats to reconsider their stances on this catastrophic agreement. Not only would the deal funnel more than $100 billion to radical Islamic terrorists, making the Obama Administration the world’s top financier of terrorism, it would also facilitate Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. 

Read the full release and watch the speech here.

Sen. Cruz: You Cannot Wash Your Hands of That Blood

On Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz spoke at the Stop the Iran Deal rally hosted and organized by Tea Party Patriots. Leading efforts to halt the Iran Nuclear Deal, Sen. Cruz underscored the dangers of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, which would be funded and accelerated by this catastrophic deal. 

“When we talk about terrorism, it’s worth remembering that if this deal goes through, we know to an absolute certainty people will die. Americans will die, Israelis will die, Europeans will die. Osama bin Laden never had $100 billion. He was filled with bilious hatred, and using rudimentary tools, murdered nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001. We’re now talking about giving the Ayatollah Khamenei--a theocratic homicidal maniac who hates America every bit as much as bin Laden did--giving him $100 billion to carry out his murderous plans,” Sen. Cruz said.

Read the full release and watch the speech here.

Sen. Cruz: Congress Must Stop the #IranDeal

Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday released a powerful video rejecting the Iran Nuclear Deal. The video reminds Americans of the dangerous reality that will occur if the president succeeds in implementing this deal. The first responsibility of Congress is to protect the national security of this country - to protect the lives and safety of men, women, and children across this country. This deal does not prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and allows more than $100 billion to flow to radical Islamic terrorists in Iran. 

The video can be viewed in its entirety here.

A Regional Update from Southeast Texas Regional Director Jessica Hart


The beginning of September signals the end of summer and back to school, or in our case, back from the Senate’s August recess. We were busy here in the Houston area last week while Senator Cruz was in town. Here are a few highlights:   

Last Tuesday, the Houston business community turned out to hear Senator Cruz deliver the keynote address to the Greater Houston Partnership regarding the state of the Senate. We also had the pleasure of hosting Jason Wright, our statewide field director, who was able to give remarks to over 400 attendees at the Asian American Hotel Owners Association’s Regional Meeting.

Last Thursday was the 20th Anniversary celebration of the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club. Texas Governor Greg Abbott received the Tough Tusk award. I had the great honor to attend on behalf of the Senator, who received the award the previous year, and was able to send a video message to the group. 

Last Friday, the Senator, his wife Heidi, and I attended the funeral of Deputy Darren Goforth. While the funeral has gotten significant national press and brought to light violence toward the men in blue, this was first and foremost a time to mourn a man who gave his life to protect our community. My prayers are with Deputy Goforth’s family. 

Jessica Hart studied finance at the University of Texas and went on to attend Baylor School of Law. She practiced commercial litigation and internal investigations for five years at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP before joining the Senate staff in Houston six months ago.


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