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Sen. Cruz Offers Amendment to Expedite LNG Exports

Remains committed to lifting the crude oil export ban and removing barriers to cross-border energy infrastructure

WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today spoke on the Senate floor to offer an amendment to the Keystone XL Pipeline Approval bill that will expedite liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports to the 160 countries in the World Trade Organization (WTO) by removing unnecessary delays that have been caused by the Department of Energy’s arbitrary permit approval process.
“This amendment is important, not just for economic development, not just for jobs and growth, but also for the enormous geopolitical advantages that it will present to the United States. In the past several years, we have seen the consequences of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy, we have seen the U.S. receding from leadership in the world, and we have seen other nations step into that void and use energy as a weapon, whether it is Venezuela, Iran or Russia. Allowing expedited LNG exports strengthens our hands against those who would be enemies of America, and it strengthens the hands of our friends and allies.”
The Senator continued, “Today this body faces a pivotal question: Will we lead the world into a new generation of American prosperity and energy prosperity led by the American energy renaissance we're experiencing, or will we instead shut off our borders, erect walls, and allow our friends and allies to be dependent on tyrants like Putin or Maduro? We need to come together in a bipartisan manner to say we support jobs, we support economic growth, and we support standing united alongside our friends and allies in defense of freedom.”
The Senator specifically highlighted the importance of expediting LNG exports to our friend and ally, Ukraine, which depends on natural gas for 40 percent of its energy supply and is currently beholden to Russia for more than 60 percent of its natural gas.
Sen. Cruz filed two other amendments to Keystone XL legislation, one to lift the crude oil export ban, and another to streamline the process for building pipelines. Regarding these measures, Sen. Cruz said, “Both of those amendments are sound policy. They are supported by the interests of Americans across this country. After long conversations with my friends and colleagues, Sen. Murkowski and Sen. Hoeven, we have agreed that we are going to have committee hearings in the coming months focusing on both of those issues, laying out the facts and the data to make clear that these are unambiguously good if you want jobs and economic growth. These are sound reforms that will bring back jobs and economic growth and opportunity.”