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Democrats: Abandoning Hardworking Taxpayers

democrats gallup too far to the left

The Democrats are galloping to the far, far Left, and they are leaving the American people behind.

This time, Democrats are ABANDONING America's hardworking taxpayers, while EMBRACING radical Socialists.

Last week, the Democratic Party kicked off its national convention with self-avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders, who lauded the fact that his radical ideas have now become "mainstream."

bernie sanders tweet

Joe Biden may be at the top of the ticket, but it's Bernie and his squad of radicals who are driving the train. As the Wall Street Journal editorial board noted:

"Mr. Biden went so far as to invite the socialist's policy team to join his own teams on platform task forces. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez co-chaired the task force on climate change. Stephanie Kelton, the evangelist for Modern Monetary Theory or cost-free money printing, sat on the economy panel. Rep. Pramila Jayapal, the Seattle proponent of Medicare for All, co-chaired the health-care group. [...] Bernie Sanders may not sit in the Oval Office next year, but Mr. Biden will be implementing Bernie's dreams."

Bernie and the WSJ editorial board are not alone in thinking Joe will be a president for Socialists. Over the weekend, former President Obama said:

"If you look at Joe Biden's goals and Bernie Sanders's goals, they're not that different, from a forty-thousand-foot level."

Though our country finds itself in the middle of an unprecedented economic crisis that has devastated small businesses, Joe has promised to repeal the GOP tax cuts that have created good paying jobs for Americans all across the country. Not only would this move stifle job creation, but would be bad news for middle-class families who on average would see their taxes increase by $1,200.

With Socialists driving the train, American taxpayers can expect to pay nearly $4 trillion in tax increases under a Joe Biden presidency. Not to mention the 20% tax increase needed to implement Bernie's "Medicare for None" plan. Or the additional $65,000 every American family would have to pay each year to cover the Green New Deal.

BOTTOM LINE: The American taxpayer cannot afford to foot the bill of Bernie's radical Socialist agenda. Under President Trump and Republican leadership in Congress, the historic tax cuts created good paying jobs for hardworking Americans. They led to the lowest unemployment in over 50 years. They created a blue-collar boom. And they unleashed the power of the American free enterprise system.

As we work to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and economic devastation that has followed in recent months, Americans need legislation that puts our country on the path to recovery. Sen. Cruz is working to do just that in the Senate.

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