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Sen. Cruz: Democrats Want a Week of Political Theater

Slams Democrats’ second doomed impeachment on Fox News’ Hannity & America’s Newsroom

February 10, 2021



WASHINGTON, D.C. - With the Democrats' doomed impeachment trial underway in the Senate, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this week appeared on Fox News' ‘Hannity' and ‘America's Newsroom' to discuss what Americans can expect from the trial and the threat China continues to pose to the United States. Excerpts are below.

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On Democrats' impeachment theater, Sen. Cruz said:

"We're going to see this week a whole lot of Democrats pounding the table. We're going to see a lot of moralizing and a lot of [Democrats] really venting their hatred for Donald Trump. In case you haven't been paying attention the last four years, the Democrats really, really, really hate Donald Trump. And they're going to attack President Trump over and over and over and over again. [...] Then it's going to end with failure. It is going to end with the president being acquitted. In order for the president to be convicted it takes 67 votes in the U.S. Senate. That's not going to happen. It's not going to get 67 votes, it's not going to get close to 67 votes. Every one of the 100 senators knows that. Every one of the House Managers knows that. This is political theater, because rather than address the real problems, the real challenges we have in this country, rather than focus on getting kids back in school and getting tens-of-millions of Americans back to work--the Democrats want a week of just political theater raging at Donald Trump." (Sen. Cruz, Fox News' ‘Hannity,' 2/9/21)

"At the end of the day, it [impeachment] is not going to succeed. President Trump is going to be acquitted. [...] Everybody knows that, but they're going through political theater. And they're going through political theater because for four years congressional Democrats, they've been obsessed--they've been consumed with hatred for President Trump. And it defines who the Democratic Party is. So they've got a new Democratic president, a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate. And instead of working on the very real problems we have in this country--we have tens of millions of Americans out of work, we have millions of kids who aren't going to school. And yet the Democrats aren't trying to fix those problems. Instead they want to go through a circus of an impeachment trial that they know is doomed to failure. I think it's a mistake, but unfortunately it's the path congressional Democrats have put us on." (Sen. Cruz, Fox News' ‘America's Newsroom,' 2/10/21)

Sen. Cruz slammed Democrats' new standard of "high crimes and misdemeanors":

"If you look at the language he [Donald Trump] used, saying things like ‘fight' saying things like ‘go retake our country,' --if that is now incitement, then we better prepare a long line to indict every candidate for office who's ever run [and] anyone who's ever given a stump speech. [...]We have had Democrats for a year cheering on--we've seen violence all over the country, we've seen riots all over the country. We've seen stores being looted, stores being firebombed, police cars being firebombed, police officers being assaulted, police officers being murdered, individual citizens being assaulted. What did the Democrats do? They cheered it on. [...] Our new vice president Kamala Harris not only encouraged them, [...] she raised money to pay for the bail, to bail out the violent criminals. Now let me be clear: anyone who attacked the Capitol, anyone who attacked a police officer, they need to be prosecuted and they need to be put in jail [for] a long, long time. Nobody has a right to engage in violence. The difference is, you and I have been consistent in that we've said, if you're engaged in violence, whether you're left wing or right wing, that's unacceptable. The Democrats have been complete hypocrites on this, cheering on BLM and Antifa and apologizing for their violence. The hypocrisy is really thick right now." (Sen. Cruz, Fox News' ‘Hannity,' 2/9/21)

Sen. Cruz also reminded viewers that Democrats not only hate former President Trump, they hate the 75 million Americans who voted for him:

"We have the First Amendment, we have robust political speech. [...] We shouldn't be prosecuting people for speaking and we shouldn't be impeaching them. This is political theater. And the reason they're doing this--we need to understand this--it's not just that they hate Donald Trump. They hate the 75 million Americans who voted for him. They're trying to silence you. They're trying to cancel you. They're trying to erase you and it's not going to work." (Sen. Cruz, Fox News' ‘Hannity,' 2/9/21)

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On the World Health Organization's (WHO) latest report on the coronavirus outbreak and the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) continued efforts to cover-up the origins of the coronavirus, Sen. Cruz said:

"I think the report is shameful. During the past year, the WHO has come under understandable and virtually universal criticism, because as the coronavirus pandemic began in Wuhan, China, the WHO instead of stepping in as medical professionals, instead of acting quickly to stop this pandemic, they just echoed the lies from the Chinese communist government. [...] When the outbreak was beginning, they [the CCP] arrested whistleblowers, they arrested physicians, [and] they silenced them. They did everything they could to hide the outbreak and the WHO helped them. It echoed their own lies. In fact, the WHO a year ago was telling the world that there is no human-to-human transmission of COVID-19 during the outbreak. That was the lie that came from China and the WHO echoed it. Now, for the past year, the United States had withdrawn from the WHO. Joe Biden said, ‘Let's get back in.' And the very first thing the WHO does is jump out and say communist China is right. And in particular they say there's no chance the virus escaped from a lab. [...] It really is ridiculous. I'd like to see a well-functioning World Health Organization that is not simply a mouthpiece for the Chinese communists. Their report today does not give me or really anyone else any confidence that that's what they're going to be." (Sen. Cruz, Fox News' ‘America's Newsroom,' 2/10/21)

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On his reaction to the hearing for President Biden's nominee for the Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden, Sen. Cruz said:

"When the nomination comes to the floor, I'll consider it on the merits. I will say that the pattern of nominees we've seen so far from the Biden administration has been concerning. Many of them I think have been extreme partisans and there has been a pattern. I'm not aware of anything in Ms. Tanden's background, but there's been a pattern of a number of nominees in particular of being soft on China--the foreign policy and national security nominees. And so I'll look at the nomination carefully on the merits. And I wish, you know, it's interesting, Joe Biden has very moderate rhetoric. He sounds soothing, he sounds middle of the road. But then you look at the policies of the Biden administration, they're not moderate. They're extreme and radical." (Sen. Cruz, Fox News' ‘America's Newsroom,' 2/10/21)

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