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Sen. Cruz on President Trump’s State of the Union Address: Everyone in Congress Ought to Stand and Applaud the Victories Achieved for the American People

February 5, 2020



WASHINGTON, D.C. - After the State of the Union address, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) appeared on Fox News' ‘Hannity' to discuss the victories Republicans in Congress and President Trump have achieved for the American people, as well as his Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act. Highlights are below.

WATCH: CRUZ ON HANNITY: President Trump Delivered a Powerful SOTU Highlighting Victories for All Americans

The Economy Is Benefiting Hardworking Men and Women Across the Country:

"I thought it was a terrific speech. I thought the President gave the single best speech I've ever seen him give. It was powerful, it was positive, it was uplifting, it was forward-looking. And it focused on the real successes for the American people.

"And the contrast, as you said, Congressional Democrats, I thought the performance was stunning. You know, over the last three years we have seen Congressional Democrats getting worse and worse at State of the Union addresses. But this is the worst I've ever seen.

"They wouldn't applaud for record low unemployment. They wouldn't applaud for record low African-American unemployment. They wouldn't applaud for record low Hispanic-American unemployment. They wouldn't applaud for women. They wouldn't applaud for 12,000 new factories in the United States and a blue-collar boom.

"I will tell you the moment I actually thought was the saddest and most revealing early in the speech at least, when the President talked about 7 million people coming off of food stamps there were Congressional Democrats who audibly hissed. Think about what that reveals - they are rooting for Americans in poverty to be trapped independents. That's 7 million people that have gotten jobs that are providing for their kids, the single moms that have the pride of putting food on the table. And the Democrats are hissing, and it culminated it in the moment at the end when Nancy Pelosi ripped that speech. It was disgraceful. It was disgusting."

President Trump Champions Cruz-School Choice and Workforce Development Bill:

"The President called for Congress to pass my school choice legislation that is $10 billion a year. A hundred billion dollars over 10 years in federal tax credits for contributions to scholarship granting organizations to give that little girl and a million kids across America hope and school choice and vocational training. And the Democrats sat and glared."

Democrats Are Out of Touch With the American People:

"You know when the President talks about the Americans with the lowest incomes are seeing the biggest increases in their wages and the money they are bringing home to their families. Everyone in Congress ought to stand and applaud for that.

"To watch the Democrats, it's bizarre because most of those neighborhoods are represented by those Democrats. And they are glaring. They're angry to see somebody getting a job, getting off of addiction, getting a home, providing for their family.

Read more about Sen. Cruz's Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act here.

Read Sen. Cruz's statement following the President's State of the Union address here.




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