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Sen. Cruz: ‘What’s Happening in the House Has Become an Absolute Circus’

Discusses impeachment, Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, and the Democratic debate on the Ben Shapiro Show

November 22, 2019



HOUSTON, Texas -U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Thursday appeared on the Ben Shapiro Show where he discussed the House Democrat's impeachment inquiry, which he described as a ‘circus,' as well as the Senate's unanimous passage of the bipartisan Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and the Democratic presidential debate. Listen to the full interview here.

On impeachment, Sen. Cruz said:

"What's happening in the House has become an absolute circus. And House Democrats have given up on any pretense of fairness or objectivity. [...]

"In this instance, House Democrats departed from past practice and they said the minority can call no witnesses - we're not going to allow the minority to have subpoena power. And instead what they're engaged in - this is a show trial. It is a propaganda trial where House Democrats will only listen to testimony they believe supports their narrative and they don't allow the defense to present any facts on the other side. And I think the American people see this. This is not a fair and objective process designed by the House to find out facts, to find out evidence. It has a pre-ordained conclusion. Just House Democrats decided in November 2016 they wanted to impeach Donald Trump because they're mad at the American people for electing him and all of this is a show trial toward a pre-ordained conclusion."

He continued:

"I think any proceeding in the Senate should be fair, should be open, and should respect due process. What does that mean? That means allowing both sides to present their case and if the White House chooses to call as a witness Hunter Biden, if the White House chooses to call as a witness the whistleblower, I think they should be allowed to call them. I think - both of those witnesses in particular may well be integral to the White House's defense.

"[...] Because that's what due process mandates - is that both sides be able to present their case and that it be decided on actual facts and not just a political hit job."

Sen. Cruz also discussed the protests in Hong Kong and applauded Congress for passing with overwhelming veto-proof majorities the bipartisan Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act:

"The eyes of the world are on Hong Kong. I've said many times now, Hong Kong is the new Berlin. And just a couple weeks ago, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. And just as Ronald Reagan stood before the Brandenburg Gate and said the most important words any leader has said in modern times - ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall' - likewise, those protestors on the streets of Hong Kong who are waving American flags, who are singing the American anthem, who are holding up signs with quotes from our Founding Fathers - they are fighting for liberty.

He continued:

"I was very glad this week to go to the Senate floor to join with other Senators - Democrats and Republicans - in passing legislation that has America standing with Hong Kong, standing with the protesters, and standing up to the Chinese Communist oppression."

When asked about the 2020 Democratic debate earlier this week, Sen. Cruz highlighted how none of the candidates could cast a vision for the country that makes sense for Texans or Americans:

"They also don't have a vision that makes sense for America. Look, the number one priority from Texans, my job is to represent 28 million Texans, that's what I go to the Senate to do each and every single day. What Texans care about is jobs. We want more jobs, we want higher wages, we want more opportunity. What Texans care about is security. We want our homes safe, we want our border secure, we want the nation kept safe. What Texans care about is freedom. We want our constitutional rights protected, we want free speech, the Second Amendment, and all the fundamental liberties that we enjoy as Americans protected. That is a common-sense agenda that has wide bipartisan support among the voters."

He continued:

"And yet the clown car that is the Democratic 2020 primary field is talking about none of that. And in fact, they're opposed to every bit of that."





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