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Sen. Cruz: ‘We are Seeing the Benefits of Economic Policies That Get Government off the Backs of Small Businesses and Job Creators and Let Y’all Do What Texans Do Best’

August 28, 2019



WACO, Texas - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday continued his statewide tour to visit with local workers, families, and small business owners with stops in Waco, Temple, and Brenham, Texas. In Waco, he addressed members of the Texas Farm Bureau, Texas Association of Business, and U.S. and Waco Chambers of Commerce on USMCA and trade. Still photos of Sen. Cruz's remarks at the Texas Farm Bureau Conference Center may be viewed here.

On the strength of the Texas economy following historic, Republican-led tax cuts and deregulation, Sen. Cruz said:

"All over the country wages are going up, families are having more disposable income, and the number one state in the union for wages going up is the great state of Texas."

On the booming Texas energy industry, Sen. Cruz added:

"Right now today the United States of American is the world's number one producer of oil and number one producer of natural gas. [...] We are seeing the benefits of economic policies that get government off the backs of small businesses and job creators and let y'all do what Texans do best."

On the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal and the importance of trade for the Texas economy, Sen. Cruz said:

"No state in the union has more invested in trade with Mexico and Canada then does the great state of Texas, and we are good at it. A whole lot of jobs--over 2.2 million jobs in the state of Texas--depend on international trade. That is a lot of jobs that depend on trade. Now, USMCA, is it going to pass? Short answer is, I don't know. I hope so."

Sen. Cruz then delivered remarks at the Temple Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, where he highlighted his efforts to expand economic opportunity and freedom for hardworking Texans. Still photos of Sen. Cruz's remarks at the Temple Chamber of Commerce may be viewed here.

On his efforts to defend Texas values, Sen. Cruz said:

"One of the most significant accomplishments we've seen and victories for the people of Texas in the last two-and-a-half years is that we have confirmed 146 new federal judges to the federal court, putting principle constitutionalists on the bench who will defend the constitution and bill of rights and protect our fundamental rights."

Sen. Cruz later toured Blue Bell Creameries and visited with employees. Still photos of Sen. Cruz's visit to Blue Bell Creameries may be viewed here.




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