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Sen. Cruz Continues Statewide Tour With Stops in Dallas and Corsicana

CORSICANA, Texas - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) yesterday continued his statewide tour to visit with local workers, families, and small business owners with stops in Dallas and Corsicana, Texas. In Dallas, he joined members of the Dallas World Affairs Council for a discussion focused on how to enhance American national security. There he, discussed his legislative efforts to enhance U.S. security interests at home and abroad and expressed his support for the ongoing trade negotiations.

Still photos of Sen. Cruz's remarks at the Dallas World Affairs Council may be viewed here.

Discussing his views on trade and the ongoing dispute with China, Sen. Cruz said:

"I think that Texas--Texas farmers, Texas ranchers, small businesses, manufacturers--we do great when we open up foreign markets and compete on a global stage. When it comes to trade, I will say the area where I agree the most with the president on trade is China. China has been a bad actor for a long time."

"China's trade policies are not fair, they're not reciprocal to the United States. They export vast amounts into the U.S., but they don't open up their markets on comparable terms. So, I think the president is right to lean in, and lean in hard."

When discussing the catastrophic Obama Iran Nuclear Deal, Sen. Cruz said:

"I can tell you I engaged very directly with the president, made the case that when you have a religious zealot that is pledging ‘Death to America,' giving him $100 million is a really bad idea. Pulling out of [the Iran Nuclear Deal], that was the right thing to do."

Sen. Cruz then traveled to Corsicana where he toured Oil City Iron Works. Later, he participated in a roundtable discussion with local business leaders and job creators on ways to enhance Texas' workforce, including the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act, legislation he introduced that would transform how workers and families access the education and skills they need to thrive in a 21st century economy.

Still photos of Sen. Cruz's tour and roundtable at Oil City Iron Works may be viewed here.

Discussing the value of manufacturing and his workforce development legislation, Sen. Cruz said:

"We've seen in recent years manufacturing jobs being driven out of America. One of the great victories we've seen in the last two-and-a-half years is hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs coming back to America. That is a fantastic development, we need to continue that, we need to accelerate that."