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VIDEO: Together, We Will #CombatCOVID19 and Ultimately Defeat It

HOUSTON, Texas - After the Senate unanimously passed the third coronavirus relief package, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, late Wednesday night, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today released a new video, ‘Together, We Will #CombatCOVID19,' highlighting Texans' acts of heroism and kindness in the face of this crisis.

WATCH: Together, We Will #CombatCOVID19

All across the Lone Star State, Texans are working together to support each other combat COVID-19. From volunteering at foodbanks, to giving blood, to delivering groceries for elderly neighbors, as a united front Texans are working together to curb the spread of this dangerous virus and ultimately defeat it.

As Sen Cruz said after voting in favor of the CARES Act in an interview with WUSA:

"One of the incredible things about representing a state like Texas, 29 million people, is that you get to see the acts of heroism in the face of crisis. We faced our share of crisis. Hurricane Harvey, when it struck, was the second most costly natural disaster in history. I spent days after days and weeks after weeks with people who are sacrificing for their neighbors, helping their neighbors. We're seeing this right now with coronavirus. We're seeing healthcare workers - doctors and nurses [who] are treating people, at risk to their own health, but are working incredible hours. We're seeing neighbors helping neighbors, we're seeing first responders, we're seeing heroes rise up. That's what Americans do in times of challenge, so I am inspired by all of the Americans who are saying, ‘this virus won't beat us, we're stronger than that.' That's really the strength of our nation is the spirit of the people all across this country."

Learn more about what communities are doing to #CombatCOVID19 and how you can help here and below:

Texans Providing Meals:
• In Houston, Mattress Mack is teaming up with Revolution Foods to supply grab and go meals for students in the area.
• Food banks, including Meals on Wheels, Minnie's Food Pantry, The North Texas Food Bank and Shift Dallas all across the Dallas-Fort Worth area are gathering resources to meet the needs of those in the community.
SeaWorld San Antonio donated over 6,000 pounds of food to the San Antonio Food Bank.
Houston ISD has partnered with the Houston Food Bank to offer curbside pickup service so families can receive food while social distancing.
JJ Watt and his wife donated $350,000 to the Houston Food Bank to help feed those in their community.

Texans Supporting First Responders:
Magnolia Pharmacy in Magnolia, is set to produce and distribute free, non-commercial, compound hand sanitizer to first responders.
Mighty Fine Burgers in Austin provided free meals to first responders.

Texans Serving their Community:
• A San Antonio native raised $10,000 online to help those who posted screenshots of their student-loan statements and past-due medical bills.
H-E-B donated $3 million to non-profits around Texas to help support the community.
Austin Energy has announced it will suspend shutting off utilities due to unpaid bills.
Brookshire's the Texas based grocery store has dedicated the first hour of operation, a five percent daily discount, and free curbside to seniors in the community.
La Familia Cortez, owners of the popular restaurant, Mi Tierra, in San Antonio, opened up a drive-up shop for locals to come and buy the essentials.

How You Can Help:
The Red Cross has experienced blood donation shortages due to the outbreak. Sign up to give blood here.
The Central Texas Food Bank has asked for donations while they experience a dramatic increase in the need for resources. Find out more information on how to donate here.
The Salvation Army is seeking donations for cleaning supplies. Donate by buying available supplies off of their Amazon wish list.