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The News with Sen. Cruz - June 13, 2014

Recent reports of thousands of veterans in Texas and across the United States suffering from long wait times, insufficient treatment, and even death in some tragic cases are simply unacceptable. It is vital that we act immediately to ensure that everyone who has served our nation receives the quality and timely care they have been promised.

Please keep reading for an update on the latest in the Senate.

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Ted Cruz

Explosion of Unaccompanied Minors at the Border is a Direct Consequence of President Obama’s Policies

On Wednesday, Sen. Cruz questioned Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson about the increasing numbers of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing the southern border during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

DHS Secretary
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"In 2011, there were roughly 7,000 unaccompanied minors who were apprehended," Sen. Cruz told Sec. Johnson. "In 2012, that number rose to 14,000. In 2013, it rose to 24,000. And, in 2014, your agency is estimating it is going to be as high as 90,000. In 2015, the administration is estimating that it will rise all the way to 145,000."

"It’s important to understand what those numbers represent. These numbers represent children," Sen. Cruz went on. "Little boys and little girls, their parents are handing them over not to some noble social worker trying to help them. They are handing them over to international, global criminal cartels that smuggle human beings in. They put kids, among other places, on top of fast-moving freight trains. They are criminals who assault, sexually assault, and sometimes murder these children. These are little girls that are sometimes being sold into prostitution and sex slavery."

During his time, Sen. Cruz also read a letter from a constituent in Brooks County, TX that expressed the horrific fate of many who have crossed the border. To read the letter and the full release click here.

Sen. Cruz Introduces Legislation to Temporarily Freeze All Guantanamo Bay Releases

On Monday, Sen. Cruz spoke on the Senate floor about his intent to introduce legislation that will ensure that for the next six months President Obama does not release any additional terrorists from Guantanamo Bay without Congressional approval.

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"Americans need to know how the Obama Administration thinks it has made our nation safer by negotiating with terrorists to release these five dangerous terrorist leaders," Sen. Cruz said. "Until President Obama can make his case and convince the American public that this swap was in our national interest, prudence dictates that all further transfers and releases from Guantanamo Bay should be off the table." Read the full release here.

On Tuesday, Sen. Cruz published an op-ed asking the President to answer how releasing terrorists makes us safer. Read the full piece here.

Sen. Cruz Attends Rally for Meriam Ibrahim


On Thursday, Sen. Cruz attended a rally in front of the White House in support of the release of Meriam Ibrahim from Sudan and all people suffering religious persecution across the world.

At the rally, Sen. Cruz said, "Now more than ever, there is a desperate need for leadership. A need for leadership in America and a need for American leadership in the world. This is an instance where the President can make a real difference. The President of the United States should stand up and lead. The President of the United States should tell the government of Sudan, 'Release Meriam Ibrahim now.'"

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