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Sens. Cruz, Braun, Lummis Introduce Bill to Ban Federal Vaccine Passports

‘Americans shouldn’t be discriminated against because of COVID-19 vaccine status’

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Mike Braun (R-Ind.), and Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) today introduced legislation to stop the federal government from establishing COVID-19 passports or working with third parties to establish their own vaccine passports, such as airlines or other global entities. This bill imposes a five-year prohibition on any government vaccine mandate for vaccines first authorized by the FDA through an Emergency Use Authorization. As millions of Americans receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Texas and 11 other states have already passed legislation preventing statewide vaccine passport mandates.

Upon introducing this bill, Sen. Cruz said:

"Americans shouldn't be discriminated against because of COVID-19 vaccine status - whether that is at work or in everyday life. Americans have a well-established right to privacy that any mandated vaccine passport would destroy. A vaccine passport would be discriminatory against people who, for whatever reason, do not get the COVID-19 vaccine. We should be encouraging individuals to receive the vaccine through increased patient protections, not mandating it.

"The truth is not everyone can receive the COVID-19 vaccine - for legitimate reasons. I got the vaccine because it was the right decision for me, but people should be free to make the decision that is right for them and consult with their doctor if they have concerns. Individuals who are unable to receive the vaccine should not be denied access to aspects of everyday life or the opportunity to participate in society. Mandating the vaccine or requiring all individuals to be fully vaccinated before returning to normal life could prevent America from fully reopening."

Sen. Braun said:

"The COVID vaccines are a medical miracle and getting vaccinated is a personal decision some may choose not to make for a variety of reasons. I'm proud to stand with Senator Cruz against vaccine passports."

Sen. Lummis said:

"The government should not be in the business of exposing Americans' private health information. Our job should be to protect citizens' privacy rights - that's what the 4th Amendment of our Constitution is about. I'm proud to support Senator Cruz in this effort to protect people in Wyoming and across the country from federally issued vaccine passports and mandates."

AMAC Action President Bob Carlstrom added:

"Senators Cruz's ‘No Vaccine Passports Act' legislation is needed to ensure protection of the health information of all Americans and we strongly support its enactment. Such information lies within the same class as other vaccination histories of individuals and is properly maintained in the course of confidential physician patient relationships. Certainly, in situations in which an employee has concerns concerning potential for workplace exposure, the bill addresses those questions in a fair and forthright manner by giving their resolution to the employer and employee."

Read the full bill text here.