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Senate Democrats Block Cruz Motion, Insist Parents Should Be Targeted By FBI Agents

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senate Democrats blocked a motion by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today to the Schumer-Manchin Tax-and-Spend Bill to protect parents from being unfairly targeted by the FBI for exercising their rights and speaking out about their children’s education.

Sen. Cruz’s motion to commit would have blocked the Department of Justice and the FBI from using their resources to inappropriately target parents or classify them as “domestic terrorists” based on the parents’ advocacy at school board meetings, as long as their actions are legal. This amendment comes after the Attorney General called on the FBI to target parents for investigation because they dared to speak out against unreported sexual assaults in schools, the harm caused by COVID-19 school closures, vaccine mandates and the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

Before the vote on the motion on the Senate floor, Sen. Cruz said:

“Just this last week the Director of the FBI testified to the Judiciary Committee that they have been interviewing multiple parents, moms and dads. The House of Representatives has categorized it as upwards of 20 moms and dads. This amendment says don’t target parents as domestic terrorists.”

Watch Sen. Cruz’s full remarks here.