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Sen. Cruz: We Need to Focus on Helping Americans Beat this Pandemic, Not Wasting Time on Impeachment

Appears on ‘Hannity’ and ‘The Hugh Hewitt Show’ to discuss impeachment and the Biden administration

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this week appeared on ‘The Hugh Hewitt Show’ and Fox News’ ‘Hannity’ to discuss the Democrats’ impeachment efforts and the Biden administration’s dangerous energy policies. Excerpts are below.

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On the Democrats’ latest effort to impeach former President Trump, Sen. Cruz said:

The Democrats are demonstrating a lot of hypocrisy right now. […] I was glad to hear him [President Biden] make a call for unity [and] to say the country should come together. Unfortunately, congressional Democrats apparently weren’t listening to a word he said, because the very first step they took after hearing an impassioned plea for unity is to charge down the road of a partisan, divisive, angry impeachment trial. And this is not driven by the needs of the country. This is not driven by trying to help out the people who are hurting back home. This is driven really by the partisan rage and the partisan anger. […] It’s time to move on and focus on helping people get back to work, helping people beat this global pandemic, bringing America back to where we should be—not these partisan games the Democrats are playing.” (Sen. Cruz, ‘Hannity’, 1/26/21)

“I think they’re engaged in political retribution. And so I’m going to vote against conviction. I don’t believe President Trump is going to be convicted. I don’t think there are going to be 67 votes to convict. I actually think the question of whether an ex-president can be impeached is a close question. I think there are strong and serious constitutional arguments on both sides of the question. […] I think if you look to the constitutional text, there are strong arguments on both sides in terms of whether a so-called late impeachment can happen. […] I view the constitutional question as close, I don’t view the merits as close. I think this serves no function other than political retribution, and I don’t think the Senate ought to be wasting our time.” (Sen. Cruz, ‘The Hugh Hewitt Show,’ 1/26/21

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On the Biden administration’s radical environmental policies that could harm American energy independence and cost thousands of hard-working Americans their jobs, Sen. Cruz said:

The people driving the train in the Joe Biden administration and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Congress are the extreme left. The first week in office, what has Joe Biden done? He signed an executive order ending the Keystone pipeline, destroying 11,000 jobs—8,000 union jobs. With the stroke of a pen, he said, ‘Your jobs don’t matter.’ What the Democrats are making clear is that today’s Democratic Party is the party of Hollywood celebrities. It’s the party of Big Tech billionaires. It’s the party of the incredibly wealthy coastal elites. But if you’re actually a working person in this country — if you’re a union member, if you’re a blue collar [worker], if you’ve got calluses on your hands, if you’re a cop, or a firefighter, or a waiter, or a waitress, or construction worker — this Democratic Party doesn't care about you. […] Let’s take the Keystone pipeline. […] What the left says, and the media says: Well those were just temporary jobs, so they don’t matter. Those were construction jobs, and construction jobs matter. And we ought to be fighting for jobs in this country. We ought to be defending the ability of families to provide for themselves.” (Sen. Cruz, ‘Hannity’, 1/26/21

You know, the Democrats are going to do a lot of damage to the country over the next two years and in particular, the fact that they won the two Georgia Senate seats and took control of the Senate is unbelievably consequential. I can tell you in the Senate, I’m going to be leading the fight at every stage to stop the bad and harmful policies they're trying to pass that are trying to force this country down the road to socialism. […] Here’s the good news: I think the Democrats are going to overreach. I think they’re going to go too far and too extreme. And I think as a consequence, we’re going to see the pendulum swing back.” (Sen. Cruz, ‘Hugh Hewitt Show,’ 1/26/21)

On his concern watching members of the Biden administration rush to embrace China, Sen. Cruz said:

This first week, it has been quite dismaying seeing Biden nominee after Biden nominee get cozy with China. […] I’ve asked multiple nominees, ‘Will you commit to maintaining the entities list that sanctions companies in China that are using their technology to repress and oppress one million years to commit horrific human rights violations?’ And not a single one of those Biden nominees will make that commitment. I think they are preparing to get in bed with China, and that’s an extreme agenda. That’s not what the American people want.” (Sen. Cruz, ‘Hannity’, 1/26/21)

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