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Sen. Cruz: We Cannot Let a Government Mandate Jeopardize the Job Stability and the Futures of Hardworking Americans

Participates in town hall at Philadelphia Energy Solutions

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today participated in a town hall at Philadelphia Energy Solutions with refinery workers from along the East Coast. There, he met with and took questions from employees, and toured the facility. 

Watch Sen. Cruz’s full remarks here. Photos and video will be available here.

“For the working men and women of this country, they should have a federal government that is standing with them rather than fighting against them,” Sen. Cruz said. “We’re here because the jobs, and the men and women whose livelihoods and families depend on those jobs are at risk. They are at risk from a broken government regulation system that isn’t working that we have to fix.” 

Sen. Cruz continued, emphasizing his optimism that a solution can be reached to benefit both corn farmers and refinery workers. 

“The purpose of this gathering here today is to highlight what the stakes are. The purpose of this meeting today is to tell your stories, tell the stories of the lives and livelihoods that are hanging in the balance. We can fix this [and] end the massive tax from the broken RINs system. And at the same time allow corn farmers in a free and fair market to sell even more corn and for them to prosper as well.

“We’re making real progress. I think we are making positive, productive steps toward a win-win solution that will ensure that the federal government is not in the business of bankrupting refineries and taking away blue-collar union jobs, but instead that the federal government is standing side by side with the working men and women and I am proud - I am honored to be standing side by side with y’all here today.”

"We appreciate Senator Cruz joining us today and bringing some common sense to the discussion concerning RINs," said PES CEO Greg Gatta. "This flawed compliance mechanism is putting at risk tens of thousands of well-paying, family sustaining refinery jobs.  We are hopeful that the stories shared today by employees from PES, Monroe Energy and PBF Energy as well as our contractor partners and national and local labor leaders highlight what is at stake and fortify the Senator’s resolve to find a common sense, win-win solution to this problem."