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Sen. Cruz Vows to Hold Chinese Officials Involved in Coronavirus Coverup Accountable

HOUSTON, Texas - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who has long-warned that China poses the most significant long-term geopolitical threat facing America and our allies - on Tuesday slammed the Chinese Communist Party for its culpability in allowing the coronavirus to become a global pandemic and vowed to hold Chinese officials accountable for endangering millions of lives around the world.

On Houston's Michael Berry Show, Sen. Cruz said:

"China's conduct has played a major role in the spread of this global pandemic. [...] when the outbreak occurred in Wuhan, China, the Chinese Communist Party did everything they possibly could to cover it up. They suppressed news coverage, they didn't bring in scientists, they didn't bring in medical doctors, they didn't bring in an epidemic containment unit. Instead, they punished the doctors who spoke out about it, they went after them and tried to just silence it and as a consequence, we saw this epidemic spread and become a pandemic.

"If China behaved like a responsible government, this crisis could have been averted, it could have potentially been contained to the region where the outbreak occurred, but for months, they denied it, they suppressed it - and by the way the World Health Organization acted as puppet and a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist government, insisting the coronavirus had no risk of a human to human transmission [...] the World Health Organization was helping China spread that propaganda. Many of the deaths we have seen worldwide are a direct consequence of the Chinese coverup."

He continued:

"There needs to be real and serious inquiry, after we defeat this pandemic, after we stop the immediate public health crisis, as to how it started, where this virus came from - and within miles of the animal market, the wet market where this outbreak is believed to originate, within miles, there are not one, but two Chinese labs that are researching coronaviruses from bats and there is a natural inference, a natural question that needs to be asked, which is did this virus accidentally escape from one of those labs? [...] Was the Chinese government responsible, albeit inadvertently, for the beginnings of this outbreak that has caused so much devastation? [...] I am going to press until we get an answer to that and [...] end its propaganda war."

Since the start of his career in the Senate, Sen. Cruz has condemned the Chinese Communist Party's suppression and censorship, and has worked to shed light on the plight of political dissidents who have been wrongly silenced and oppressed for out against the totalitarian regime.

As Sen. Cruz said during a hearing he chaired last month to examine how global aviation can reduce the spread of the coronavirus: "As dedicated public health experts scrambled to warn each other and to collect more information on what was happening, China's security services were busy trying to stop them."

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