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Sen. Cruz Votes Against Education Bill that Maintains Federal Mandates

Decisions regarding our children’s future should be placed in the hands of teachers and parents, not bureaucrats

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today voted against S. 1177, "Every Child Achieves Act," which maintains federal mandates on education and keeps decision-making in Washington rather than returning it to local governments and parents.

Following the bill's passage, Sen. Cruz remarked:

"While this bill makes some improvements to the status quo, it ultimately falls short of empowering parents and local school districts. To that end, it is a missed opportunity for meaningful change.

"Decisions regarding our children's future should be placed in the hands of those closest to students, and that is teachers and parents. This is why I introduced an amendment to give states the flexibility to develop their own accountability standards, rather than meeting criteria outlined by federal bureaucrats in the Washington cartel. This type of federal control has led to the failed, top-down policies that produced Common Core. We also had the opportunity today to significantly advance school choice for low-income students, giving them a chance to succeed at a public or private school of their choosing. Unfortunately, my colleagues in the Senate rejected these amendments, perpetuating the same tired approach that continues to fail our children.

"When the federal government is in charge, the most common outcome is accepting the lowest common denominator. When it comes to the future of our country and our children's future, the lowest common denominator is simply unacceptable. We can do better and our children deserve better."



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