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Sen. Cruz Statement On Murder of Jewish Man in Thousand Oaks, California

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, responded to reports that a Jewish man was murdered in Thousand Oaks, California when a pro-Hamas activist hit him on the head with a megaphone.

Sen. Cruz said, “Enough is enough. The Biden administration must unequivocally condemn the violent antisemitism that is sweeping across the country. For the entire administration, at all levels, from Department of State staffers to his press secretary, Biden officials have proven incapable of simply condemning antisemitism without including other -isms and -phobias and downplaying the real threat to Jewish people from Hamas and its supporters all over the world. Democrats across the party including in Congress have been controlled by their antisemitic progressive base. The full force of the law and the administration has to be brought to bear against antisemitic violence.”