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Sen. Cruz Statement on Biden Border Visit Amid Crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today made the following statement about President Biden’s upcoming trip to the Texas-Mexico border:

“Finally, after 5.3 million illegal alien crossings with over a million who got away, President Biden is visiting the border. If President Biden seriously wants to address the crisis his administration created, he needs to visit McAllen, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and Laredo, and talk to the communities ravaged by crime, the ranchers who find bodies on their land, the Border Patrol who are overwhelmed, and the families who have lost loved ones due to cross-border drug trafficking. Instead, he has spent two years gaslighting the American public about how bad things really are. If he’s serious, he needs to wake up, acknowledge reality, reverse his failed policies, and secure the border.”

The Biden administration publicly declined an invitation to attend a Border CODEL led by Sen. Cruz last year.