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Sen. Cruz Slams Biden Administration’s Surrender to Putin, Appeasement of China on ‘Faulkner Focus’

‘John Kerry is the customer of the year for Chinese concentration camps, and he ought to be ashamed, Biden ought to be ashamed. We are literally spending hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money to fund the concentration camps where over a million Uyghurs are in prison’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today joined Fox News’ ‘Faulkner Focus’ to discuss President Biden’s surrender to Putin over Nord Stream 2, the Democrat Party’s appeasement of China’s human rights violations, and the president’s unlawful COVID vaccine mandates. Read highlights of his interview below.

WATCH: Sen. Cruz on Faulkner Focus: ‘The Democratic Party is Structurally Pro China’

On the danger to Ukraine posed by President Biden’s surrender over Nord Stream 2, Sen. Cruz said:

“There are over 100,000 Russian troops that are massed on the Ukrainian border. This weekend, the Biden administration declassified their own assessment that an invasion is imminent, and that it could come as early as January or February of next year. And candidly, the administration is trying to prepare everyone for the very substantial possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The thing to understand is this is Joe Biden’s fault. It’s Joe Biden’s fault for two reasons.”


Biden very specifically surrendered to Putin on Nord Stream 2. Now, why does Nord Stream 2 matter? Nord Stream 2 is a pipeline that Russia is building to go directly from Russia to Germany. They’re doing it because they want to bypass Ukraine. In 2014, Putin invaded Ukraine, invaded Crimea, but didn’t continue to invade the rest of the country, didn’t go all the way to Kiev. Why? Because right now, the Russian natural gas goes through Ukraine, through Ukrainian energy infrastructure to get to Europe. If they had invaded Ukraine, the Ukrainians could have destroyed that pipeline and cut off their ability to get to market. So Nord Stream 2 is all about enabling Russia to cut Ukraine out of the transit loop in order for them to march the tanks, drive the tanks into downtown Kiev.”


“Biden waived the sanctions that I had authored, that we had imposed on Nord Stream 2. At the time he waived it this summer, both Ukraine and Poland said publicly that by waiving the sanctions Biden was creating a military threat to Ukraine from Russia. Let me tell you, Biden could stop this today if he simply revokes the sanctions, revokes the waiver and imposes sanctions, and he’s unwilling to do so. If we see tanks in the streets of Kiev, it will be because Joe Biden surrender to Putin.”

On the Democrat Party’s appeasement of China, Sen. Cruz said:

The Democratic Party is structurally pro-China, their major supporters, big business, Big Tech, big Hollywood, big universities are all in bed with China. And so the Democratic PartyI introduced an amendment on the floor of the Senate to prohibit the Biden administration from importing any goods, and in particular electric vehicles, or solar panels made with slave labor in concentration camps in China. Every single Democrat except Joe Manchin voted against that. It failed on basically a party line vote, because the Democratsyou know, we are literally spending hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money to fund the concentration camps where over a million Uyghurs are in prison, and it’s shameful.”


I think China is the single greatest geopolitical threat facing the United States for the next century. I think we need strength and clarity to stand up to China, to for call them out for their murder, for their torture, for concentration camps, for their lying, for their theft of intellectual property, for their espionage, for their military aggression, and your right for their responsibility, their culpability for COVID-19. It originatedI believe the evidence is compelling that it originated in the Wuhan lab, a Chinese government lab. They covered up the outbreak, and they are responsible for the hundreds of thousands of deaths and the trillions of dollars of damage caused by COVID. We need to have the strength to stand up, to them to call them out, to hold them responsible. Also, critically, to de-link our supply chain so we’re not dependent upon them for critical minerals, for medical pharmaceuticals, for essential elements. I’ve introduced over a dozen different pieces of legislation taking on China. Where are the Democrats? The Democrats are beholden to the big money interests in their party that need Chinese markets to stay in business.”

On President Biden’s unlawful COVID vaccine mandates, Sen. Cruz said:

The vaccine mandates from Joe Biden and the Democrats are illegal. They’re unconstitutional, and they’re an abuse of power that the president has no authority to force people to take the vaccine. Listen, when it comes to the vaccine, I’m pro vaccine. I’ve been vaccinated, my family has been vaccinated. But I also believe in individual liberty, individual choice. It ought to be your damn choice whether you take the vaccine or not. It is amazingthe willingness of Biden and the Democrats to just use the jackbooted government to force you to take a medical procedure against your wishes. As I travel the country, I hear literally every day from soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines, I hear from airline pilots and flight attendants. I hear from cops and firefighters and doctors and nurses, all of whom are facing real threats—are being fired because Joe Biden and the Democrats are so abusive. You know, the Chicago police union has said a third of the police department is refusing to comply. When Biden was asked about it, he said, ‘Fire a third of the cops in Chicago.’ This is madness. And we need to stand up and fight for your right to make your own choices.”