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Sen. Cruz Recognizes 33rd Anniversary of President Reagan’s ‘Tear Down This Wall’ Speech

Urges U.S. to promote unique defining principles in the face of Chinese Communist Party’s tyranny

HOUSTON, Texas - Thirty-three years ago today, President Ronald Reagan uttered the most important words spoken by any leader in modern history: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

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U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) often points to President Reagan's speech as an example of the power of American principles in combatting the evils of tyranny and promoting freedom around the world, saying:

"Within three years of that speech, that wall was torn to the ground. And it wasn't torn to the ground by American tanks. We didn't bomb it with American missiles. It was American strength, and clarity, and sunshine, and light. That's something America should remember, that our principles can tear down walls."

While the Berlin has long since fallen, the evils of tyranny still exist today, and nowhere is that more evident than in Hong Kong where the Chinese Communist Party has moved to crush Hong Kong's autonomy and strip away their freedoms.

In November, after standing with the political dissidents in Hong Kong, Sen. Cruz called Hong Kong the "new Berlin," writing:

"Though the physical, graffiti-covered, concrete barrier was toppled in East Germany, modern Berlin Walls still exist today. Tyranny oppresses billions across the world - especially in China. As the Chinese Communist Party continues to encroach on the autonomy of Hong Kong and eliminate the democratic norms there, the cause for freedom has never been greater. Today, Hong Kong is the new Berlin. China poses the most significant long-term geopolitical threat facing America and our allies."

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He continued, urging all Americans to stand up for our unique defining principles - as Reagan did - in the face of tyranny:

"In the United States, it is easy to take for granted the rights that have made our country a shining beacon of freedom. But all Americans, including those employed by our sports leagues and our corporate giants, should remember that our unique defining principles have the power to tear down oppressive walls, topple tyrannies and promote freedom. Because, as Reagan demonstrated, truth is powerful and can transform the world."

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As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Cruz has called for a fundamental reassessment of the U.S.-China relationship and has introduced several pieces of legislation to do just that. Read more about Sen. Cruz's comprehensive push to unwind the U.S. from China here.

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