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Sen. Cruz: President Biden is Hiding the Worst of The Border Crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Every day new details emerge about the humanitarian crisis on our southern border. As Sen. Cruz leads a group of his Senate colleagues in a visit to the border, they will be able to see firsthand the crisis that is unfolding there. Unfortunately, the American people will not, as the Biden administration continues to prevent free and fair reporting on the humanitarian, national security, and public health ramifications of this crisis.

Over the last four decades and four previous administrations, members of the press have been allowed to take photographs and report on what happens inside Border Patrol detention facilities. This week, the Biden administration only allowed one approved TV crew to accompany their trip to a hand-picked facility run by the Department of Health and Human Services, not Customs and Border Protection. According to the Washington Post, the facility the Biden administration selected has amenities such as a soccer field, basketball court, and a legal services trailer.

Sen. Cruz and his Senate colleagues will instead visit the Customs and Border Protection Facility in Donna, Texas, a soft sided facility currently reported to be at 1556% of its 250-person capacity.

The reports from the Donna facility are heartbreaking. Children are hungry, unable to bathe frequently, and forced to sleep in cramped conditions. Still, the Biden administration has blocked news cameras from reporting from inside this facility to report the facts.

The crisis at the border is the result of the Biden administration's radical immigration policies. Doubling down on those radical policies President Biden announced this week that Vice President Kamala Harris would be spearheading the White House response to the crisis at the southern border, despite her previous support for decriminalizing border crossings.

Bottom Line: As this crisis worsens by the day, Sen. Cruz is demanding that the Biden administration lift its blackout and allow the media to freely report on the disaster is unfolding on our southern border. As Sen. Cruz and his colleagues visit the border, the rest of America deserves to know exactly what is going on at these facilities as well.