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Sen. Cruz: President Biden’s Immigration Policies Are Unconstitutional, Dangerous, and Misguided

WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Joe Biden and Democrat lawmakers released a disastrous immigration bill offering an eight-year path to citizenship for almost every one of the 11 million illegal aliens in the United States. The plan also expands foreign worker visas, despite the massive unemployment crisis facing American workers.

Simply put, President Biden's plan is by leaps and bounds the most radical immigration plan any administration has ever proposed. This plan would allow every single person who was deported from the United States in the last four years to come back. It is a deeply unserious proposal, and the Democrats know it. The plan is not designed to pass-it's designed to energize the Democrats' leftist base and to provide cover for them to falsely and cynically claim that amnesty for 2 to 3 million illegal aliens is a compromise.

President Biden has made it clear that his immigration policies are focused on rolling back successful enforcement along with the gains that were made to properly secure our borders. On his first day in office, Joe Biden issued a 100-day moratorium on most deportations, an order that was recently struck down in court.

And earlier this month, senior U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials reportedly received interim instructions from the Biden administration that stated:

"Agents will no longer seek to deport immigrants for crimes such as driving under the influence and assault..."

Failure to deport illegal aliens that drive under the influence or commit violent assaults is undoubtedly dangerous. In 2018, 80,730 illegal aliens arrested by ICE had been charged or convicted of driving under the influence, while more than 50,000 individuals for were arrested by the agency for assault. In 2019, ICE arrested individuals with more than 74,000 on charges of driving under the influence and upwards of 45,000 arrested for assault.

Bottom Line: It's clear that today's Democratic Party has been so radicalized that they are intent on prioritizing people here illegally ahead of the safety of Americans. President Biden's policies are not the immigration reform Americans desperately need. Biden's policies fail to enforce the law against even violent criminals and will threaten the livelihoods of American workers. Sen. Cruz will continue to fight for all Americans by pursuing policies that secure our border, reform our legal immigration system, and uphold the rule of law.



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