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Sen. Cruz: President Biden’s Early Policies Are Radical, Extreme, and Divisive

Appears on ‘The Michael Berry Show,’ ‘The Lars Larson Show,’ ‘The Sean Hannity Show,’ and ‘The Rick Roberts Show’ to discuss Team Biden’s radical policy agenda

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Friday joined ‘The Michael Berry Show,’ ‘The Lars Larson Show,’ ‘The Sean Hannity Show,’ and ‘The Rick Roberts Show’ to discuss Team Biden’s rush to embrace the worst elements of the Chinese Communist Party, and President Biden’s job-killing executive orders. Excerpts are included below.

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On the Democrat Party’s disturbing embrace of China, Sen. Cruz said:

“I think it is more of an ideological commitment. Today’s Democratic Party is a party that loves communist China. […] Think of the donors who fund them [like] Big Tech. Big Tech is the China lobby. They make a lot of money in China. They want to make more money in China. They don't want to piss off the Chinese government. So Big Tech pulls the strings for today’s Democrats. […] Hollywood right now lets the Chinese communist government edit and censor their movies—they do that today. Hollywood pulls the strings and dictates what Democrats do. So, what we’ve been seeing the last two weeks is a really disturbing pattern among Joe Biden nominees—that one after the other after the other is telegraphing an embrace of China.” (Sen. Cruz, The Michael Berry Show, 1/29/21)

On how President Biden’s executive actions benefit China, Sen. Cruz said:

“Joe Biden knows about China. […] We’re seeing with the Biden administration, a major, major pivot towards an embrace of communist China. It’s one of the reasons why in the very first week in office, Joe Biden signed an executive order reentering the Paris Climate Deal. What does that do? That threatens millions of jobs here in the United States and it benefits China. China is a massive polluter and the Paris Climate Deal doesn’t require China to substantially rein in its pollution. It just kills jobs in America. That’s one of the great hypocrisies of the Democratic climate agenda—it doesn’t actually make the environment any cleaner.” (Sen. Cruz, The Rick Roberts Show, 1/29/21)

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On President Biden’s job-killing executive orders, Sen. Cruz said:

“He [President Biden] began with a series of just radical, extreme, and divisive policies—his cabinet nominees are behaving that way, Senate Democrats are behaving that way, and House Democrats are behaving that way. One of the examples: All the people’s jobs who are being eliminated—one of the first things he did, […] was end the Keystone Pipeline—11,000 jobs disappeared, literally with the stroke of a pen. Eight thousand union jobs just went away. And he decided, ‘You don’t get a job. Your job is ended,’ because they want to shut down the Keystone Pipeline. […] There is just an arrogance—they look down on you. If you don’t do what they want you to do then they’re perfectly prepared to blow up your job, your livelihood, and your ability to provide for your kids. Unfortunately, I think that arrogant condescension is only going to get worse over the next two years and the next four years.” (Sen. Cruz, The Michael Berry Show, 1/29/21)

On how Democrats’ energy policy threatens America’s energy security Sen. Cruz said:

“You look at what Joe Biden has done in just a couple of weeks, and it has dramatically weakened U.S. energy production. It has destroyed jobs here at home. The people who are getting rich on it are Vladimir Putin, Iran, the Middle East. […] Basically, the Democrats’ brilliant idea [is] to try to destroy energy independence here at home, destroy jobs here at home, and make us more dependent on energy from our enemies—which pollutes the environment more and gives them [Iran] billions of dollars to use to try to kill Americans.” (Sen. Cruz, The Sean Hannity Show, 1/29/21

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On his efforts to fight for the American people and stand against Democrats’ radical policies, Sen. Cruz said:

“I am going to be leading the fight to stop bad policies that destroy jobs in America, that take away freedom in America, that undermine our security, [and] that undermine our constitutional rights. In the long term, we need to make the case to the American people why these policies are so harmful. Here’s the good news: Politics has a natural pendulum sense to it—it tends to go one direction, it goes too far, and then it goes back the other direction. The far Left is driving the train right now. […] We need to make the case to the American people that commonsense conservative ideas work, that free markets work, [and] that socialism is a train wreck and it doesn’t work. I think if we win the hearts and minds of the American people as happy warriors, not the kind of angry, shrill, [and] hysterical voices of rage on the left but instead as happy warriors defending liberty—I think that’s the path to pull the country back from the damage we’re about to see over the next couple of years.” (Sen. Cruz, The Lars Larson Show, 1/29/21)

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