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Sen. Cruz: President Biden ‘Plays Politics With the Pandemic Even While he Releases COVID-Positive Immigrants by the Thousands into the State of Texas’

Joins Fox News’ ‘America Reports’ to discuss the border crisis and infrastructure

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today joined Fox News' 'America Reports' to discuss the Biden-Harris administration's border crisis spreading COVID-19 in South Texas and the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. Read highlights of his interview below.

WATCH: Sen. Cruz: The Biden Border Crisis is Unacceptable

On President Biden's hypocrisy over COVID mandates while releasing COVID-positive illegal immigrants in Texas, Sen. Cruz said:

"Joe Biden and the Democrats hate red states like Texas and Florida that we reopened, our economy is booming, [we] let our kids go back to school, let small businesses open up. There's a reason people are fleeing the blue states and coming to the red states because we protect people's freedoms. Joe Biden is trying to play politics with the pandemic even while he releases COVID-positive immigrants by the thousands into the state of Texas."

On the infrastructure package before the Senate, Sen. Cruz said:

"I'm going to be a no on this bill. I just came from the Senate Republican lunch where we had a vigorous knock-down argument, which we've had every day for the past couple weeks. We've got all the Democrats supporting this bill and a chunk of Republicans. The case I've been making to the Republicans is the price tag on this so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill is $1.2 trillion. If that were being offered in exchange for the Democrats' massive $3.5 trillion tax and spend proposal, I could [support] under the logic of doing the smaller one. But it's not. The Democrats have made clear they're going to pass this one and turn around and ram through their massive tax-and-spend bill right on top of this, which means you're looking at $5 trillion. You're looking at trillions in new taxes-all while our debt is going through the ceiling and while inflation is rising across the country. What I've been urging Republicans, we shouldn't play a part in this.


"There's a reason why at home families in Texas and across the country are seeing the cost of food going up, seeing the cost of gasoline going up, the cost of lumber, homes going up. Inflation is a cruel tax that hurts everyone but particularly seniors and those on fixed incomes. I think we should say enough is enough."