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Sen. Cruz on the MLB: ‘We’re Seeing Big Corporations Becoming the Woke Enforcers of the Democratic Party’

Appears on ‘The Mark Levin Show’ and Fox Business’ ‘Varney & Co.’

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this week appeared on ‘The Mark Levin Show' and Fox Business' ‘Varney & Co.' to discuss his legislation to remove Major League Baseball's (MLB) antitrust protections, President Biden's radical Department of Justice (DOJ) nominee, Kristen Clarke, Democrats' plan to pack the U.S. Supreme Court, and President Biden's Obama-era foreign policy. Highlights of his interviews are below.

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On his bill to remove the MLB's antitrust protection, Sen. Cruz said:

"There is a special exemption for Major League Baseball that no other sports league enjoys - it's 99 years old. The Supreme Court invented it, just created it out of nowhere. So, we introduced legislation to repeal that special exemption and say that Major League Baseball should follow the same antitrust rules that the NFL has to follow, that the NBA has to follow. And the reason we did this is because of Major League Baseball's actions in Atlanta. We're seeing, and in the past couple of weeks we saw a big acceleration of this. We're seeing big corporations becoming the ‘woke' enforcers of the Democratic Party. We're seeing multiple CEOs making the decision to weigh in on political matters and to use their corporate power to punish anyone who doesn't agree with the Democrats radical plans to transform the country. In this case, weighing in in favor of radical proposals by the Democrats to take over elections and change the rules so that Democrats can never lose again - that's the objective of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. When Major League Baseball yanked the All-Star game out of Atlanta - look, on it's face, it doesn't make any sense. Atlanta is 51 percent African-American. They move the game to Denver, which is nine percent African-American - explain to me how you are a racial social justice warrior by taking jobs and 100 million dollars from thousands of African-American owned small businesses in Atlanta, from thousands of African-American workers in Atlanta. This had nothing to do with substance or racial politics. This had everything to do with corporations enlisting in the Democrat vision to transform America." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Varney & Co.,' 4/15/2021)

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On President Biden's radical nominee for the DOJ, Kristen Clarke, Sen. Cruz said:

"Most of the American people don't want crazy radical ideas. [...] Just today, we had a confirmation hearing on their nominee to be the head of civil rights at the Department of Justice. She is a radical who has organized conferences celebrating cop killers and has repeatedly advocated abolishing the police. This is one of their senior officials of the Department of Justice." (Sen. Cruz, ‘The Mark Levin Show,' 4/14/2021)

"At her hearing, she demonstrated this willingness to lie. So I cross-examined her, and she said, ‘I don't advocate abolishing the police.' I never advocated abolishing the police.' She wrote an op-ed last year, not 10 years ago, last year, saying the Black Lives Matter movement has produced a unifying call to abolish the police. The title of her article is ‘Abolish the Police.' She has three different paragraphs saying we need to cut funding to the police. And she sat there under oath and said, ‘I've never advocated cutting funding to the police.' It's Orwellian. Their willingness to just lie and not a Democrat cares. They will all fall in party line despite the fact that she had celebrated cop killers as political prisoners. It is truly radical. And I asked for two of the cop killers she celebrated. One killed a Philadelphia police officer, one killed a New Jersey state trooper. My final question is, what would you say to a Philadelphia police officer watching this hearing today or New Jersey state trooper watching this hearing today that you lionized and celebrated a cop killer who killed one of their colleagues, and she had no answer to that. And no Democrat, as far as I can tell, seems to care." (Sen. Cruz, ‘The Mark Levin Show,' 4/14/2021)

"This is an example of - Joe Biden keeps nominating radicals, that op-ed was not something she wrote 10 years ago. That was last year where she was advocating throughout the entire op-ed. It wasn't just the title, by the way. And I spent the rest of that questioning walking through what she argued for, which is taking money away, defunding the police. [...] This is radical. It's extreme, and right now, every Democrat in the Senate is willing to rubber stamp Joe Biden's willingness to give in to the radical left that wants to abolish the police. And they want to put her in one of the top positions in the US Department of Justice." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Varney & Co.,' 4/15/2021)

On President Biden's radical Obama-era foreign policy, Sen. Cruz said:

"If you look at the radicals from the Obama administration, that's who they put in charge of their foreign policy. As you know, in December of 2016, after the presidential election, the Obama administration orchestrated a U.N. Resolution 2334 which is built on a pile of lies that declares much of modern day Israel to be illegitimate and illegally occupied territory. It declares the Jewish quarter in Jerusalem to be illegitimate, illegally occupied territory. It declares the Wailing Wall to be illegally occupied territory. And it was the Obama-Biden administration that orchestrated that. Samantha Power, the U.N. ambassador, has been nominated to be the head of USAID. Not only that, Wendy Sherman, who led the Obama negotiation on the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, has been nominated to be the deputy secretary of state under Biden. And I think the next four years we're going to see them sending money to the enemies of Israel and the enemies of America. You mentioned the Palestinian Authority. The Biden administration quietly has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, which is in a unity government with Hamas and is paying millions of dollars to the families of terrorists who murder Americans and murder Israelis in violation of the Taylor Force Act, which I helped pass. That prohibited US taxpayer dollars from going to support terrorism against America. In just a couple of months, the Biden administration has turned its back on federal law and is sending money that is going to the terrorists targeting Americans, targeting Israelis." (Sen. Cruz, ‘The Mark Levin Show,' 4/14/2021)

On Democrats' plan to pack the Supreme Court, Sen. Cruz said:

"Their objective is to put four left-wing radicals on the Supreme Court to destroy the checks and balances, to destroy the independence of the judiciary. You know, FDR tried to do this in the 1930s and his own party, the Democratic Party, said, ‘No, that would be terrible for the rule of law, that would undermine the rights of Americans that are protected in the Constitution.' Today's Democratic Party doesn't care about that at all. [...] Our fundamental liberties were decided by cases that were five to four. We're one vote away from losing our liberties and the objectives of the Democrats - if they put four new radical leftists on the court - our free speech rights go out the window, our religious liberty goes out the window, the Second Amendment is effectively repealed from the Bill of Rights, and none of those are hyperbole. That is, in fact, the agenda when it comes to today's Democrats." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Varney & Co.,' 4/15/2021)