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Sen. Cruz on Democrats’ Collapsing Impeachment Narrative: Speaker Pelosi Knows the House Hasn’t Proven Its Case

Appears on Fox News’ ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss ‘exceptionally weak’ Articles of Impeachment

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on The Constitution, this morning appeared on Fox News' ‘Fox & Friends' following House Democrats' late-night partisan impeachment vote against President Trump.

Sen. Cruz said:

"The Democrats are in a panic because in the last month their case collapsed. Rewind back to a month ago. A month ago every Democrat was saying over and over again, ‘bribery.' Remember that was their talking point? ‘Bribery, bribery, bribery.' The reason was the Democratic Campaign Committee, they polled that and their focus groups had told them that bribery is bad. The American people don't like bribery. So in one day, every Democrat began saying bribery."

Sen. Cruz continued, noting House Democrats have taken the ‘extreme' position that they can impeach the president without alleging he committed a crime:

"Here's the problem: the facts, the actual evidence doesn't support bribery. As they heard the evidence, they couldn't prove bribery. And they've now backed away from bribery, they've backed away - remember quid pro quo? That was their favorite phrase. That's disappeared. And they've now taken the position they can impeach the president without alleging he violated any criminal law whatsoever, without alleging he violated any federal law. Literally - not even alleging a speeding ticket. That is a remarkable position, it's an extreme position."

Finally, Sen. Cruz said the House Democrats failed to prove their case, which is why Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is considering holding the Articles of Impeachment:

"This has never happened in the history of the country. The prior impeachments, every one of them, the articles alleged a federal crime. This one doesn't. It is exceptionally weak and it doesn't meet the constitutional standard for high crimes and misdemeanors. And that's why Pelosi knows when it goes to the Senate, there's going to be a fair trial in the Senate but this is not going to succeed because the House hasn't proven its case."

Watch Sen. Cruz's full interview here.