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Sen. Cruz on ‘America’s Newsroom’: Democrats are Encouraging Violent Protests Because It Serves Their Political Ends

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today appeared on Fox News' 'America's Newsroom' to discuss Democrats encouraging violent political protests and the radical, job-killing Green New Deal. Highlights of his interview are below.

WATCH: Cruz on Fox Blasts Dems Radical Green New Deal Agenda, Rep. Maxine Waters for Encouraging Violence

On the violence in Minneapolis and the encouragement by Democrats, Sen. Cruz said:

"I think that the House, of course, they should censure Maxine Waters. She does this over and over again. She was on the streets encouraging protesters in Minneapolis to engage in violence, to engage in riots. Listen. In Minneapolis and all across the country, shop owners' cities are preparing for violent riots, and there are Democrats like Maxine Waters who are encouraging [it]. They want to see more stores looted. They want to see more police cars firebombed. They want to see the violence because they think it serves their political ends. The dirty little secret is as bad as Maxine Waters comments were, they're not an outlier in the Democratic Party. You have Democrats encouraging this violence. For example, the last time we had riots all across the country, Kamala Harris raised money to bail out the violent protesters who were committing these acts of violence. Today's Democratic Party has decided that violence can benefit them politically. I think it's wrong. I think we should condemn violence from any political perspective, whether right wing, left wing, or no wings at all. Violence is never acceptable and we ought to be keeping people safe."

On Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (D-N.Y.) ‘Green New Deal,' and President Biden's job-killing environmental policies, Sen. Cruz said:

"The full Green New Deal is 93 trillion. 93 trillion dollars is $600,000 for every single household in America. I've got a suggestion for the Democrats. See if they can find 10 households willing to contribute $600,000, and the only caveat is their names can't be things like Zuckerberg or Gates. If they're not billionaires, I challenge them to find 10 households willing to do that. They can't. So what they want to do instead is have the federal government put that debt burden and those taxes on everybody. I think this is a serious mistake. I think it is bad for the economy. I think it destroys jobs. And we're going to see, unfortunately, a lot more of it from Biden, and Schumer, and Pelosi."


"If the objective is to clean the environment, everyone wants a cleaner environment, we all want cleaner air, we all want cleaner water, the best way to do that is innovation. Last year, the country that led the world in reducing carbon emissions was the United States of America by far. What the Biden administration is doing is they have this deep, deep antipathy to U.S. energy production. The United States is energy independent today, we're the leading producer of oil, we're the leading producer of natural gas, and the Biden administration wants to stop that. On day one, he signed an order shutting down the Keystone pipeline that killed 11,000 jobs with a stroke of a pen that killed 8,000 union jobs, good paying jobs. And the people of Texas - you asked how they're feeling. They're feeling under assault. Texans want jobs. We want to go to work. We want to provide for our families. And this Biden administration, they've made a decision. They had a choice between, do they listen to California environmentalist billionaires or do they care about the jobs of union workers? Both have traditionally been Democratic constituents. And what Biden and Schumer and Pelosi have decided is the money from the California billionaires is a lot more important to them than the jobs of the steelworkers, and the truck drivers, and the working men and women. I think that's a serious mistake. I think it has also caused the most important political shift of the last decade, which is the Republican Party becoming the party of working men and women."