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Sen. Cruz Meets With Texas Agriculture and Banking Constituent Groups

Participates in Q&A with Independent Bankers Association of Texas, and meets with Texas Cattle Feeders and Texas Corn Growers

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today delivered remarks and participated in a Q&A with members of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT). There, he discussed the major regulatory victories achieved in 2017 and his priorities for making middle class tax cuts permanent and Dodd-Frank reform. He also held meetings in his D.C. Senate office with Texas Cattle Feeders and Texas Corn Growers.

In his remarks to IBAT, he discussed the victories achieved for hard-working Texans under Republican majorities, specifically with regard to regulatory reform. "The consistent message that I hear from Texas business owners is that you no longer have Washington regulators treating you like the enemy," Cruz said. "And I'm hearing a real sense of energy and optimism in Texas, as people are looking to invest capital, people are looking to grow their businesses, people are looking to hire more workers, people are looking to raise wages."

When asked about providing financial relief for Bankers and members of the financial industry negatively affected by burdensome regulations, Sen. Cruz highlighted his efforts in continuing the fight to fully eliminate Dodd-Frank.

Watch Sen. Cruz's full remarks to IBAT here.

Sen. Cruz also met with members of the Texas Cattle Feeders to discuss vital trade opportunities available within the Western Hemisphere through NAFTA modernization and ways to capitalize these opportunities to benefit Texas Cattle Feeders. He additionally met with members of Texas Corn Producers where they discussed win-win solutions to skyrocketing RINs costs - solutions that can benefit both Texas agriculture and Texas energy.

Still photos of Sen. Cruz's meetings with the Texas Cattle Feeders and Texas Corn Producers may be viewed here.

Sen. Cruz with Texas Cattle Feeders

Sen. Cruz with Texas Corn Farmers