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Sen. Cruz Launches Second Statewide Tele-Tour Focused On Texas’ Long-Term Recovery

HOUSTON, Texas – With Texans ready to safely get back to work, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today launched a second statewide tele-tour to connect with the men and women of the Lone Star State who are working toward Texas’ and the country’s recovery from the public health and economic crises.

Kicking off the tele-tour, Sen. Cruz said:

“Texans are eager to get safely back to work – to get their kids back into the classroom and to provide for their families. They’re tired of the blatant politicization of the virus and want to get back to their lives. To do so, we need a bill focused on the long-term recovery of our country – one that cuts taxes and rolls back regulations. One that empowers families with the resources they need to support their children’s education. There are obviously common sense steps that we all need to continue to take in order to mitigate the spread of the virus and keep our communities safe – but we can do that without keeping our country shut down. 

“I’m looking forward to talking with Texans all across the state to hear about the challenges they’re facing and to outline my priorities for the next phase of Congress’ response to these unprecedented crises. Together, we’ll overcome these challenges and bring back our roaring blue-collar economy.” 

Today, Sen. Cruz spoke with both the El Paso and Amarillo Chambers of Commerce about the challenges business owners are facing and Abilene University Presidents about their plans to safely reopen.

Tonight, Sen. Cruz will speak at the Harris County Mayors’ and Councils’ Association Meeting, where he will commend local leaders for their ongoing efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, discuss his vision for jump-starting our economy and getting Texans and all Americans safely back to work, and recognize local leaders for their continued work since Hurricane Harvey three years ago.

In April, Sen. Cruz launched his first state-wide tele-tour to safely connect with the men and women across Texas working to combat the coronavirus pandemic and overcome the economic devastation that has followed.

In the Senate, Sen. Cruz has been leading the fight to help those struggling with the economic devastation of this pandemic and will soon introduce a comprehensive legislative package to put our nation on the path toward recovery.

Sen. Cruz has also introduced legislation to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and increase wages, legislation to provide small businesses debt relief in the CARES Act for Small Business Administration (SBA) disaster loans, and legislation to provide tax credits to businesses that test employees for COVID-19.

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