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Sen. Cruz: It’s Time for Congress to Pass the RESULTs For Coronavirus Patients Act

If effective, potential COVID-19 vaccine development in the U.K. should move Congress to bring it to the United States

HOUSTON, Texas - Human trials began this week for a possible coronavirus vaccine developed by the United Kingdom's Oxford University - potentially a ‘vital breakthrough' that could help stop the spread of this deadly pandemic.

With more than 192,019 lives lost to the coronavirus since the outbreak was first reported in Wuhan, China, many countries with proven regulatory systems like the U.K. are racing to develop vaccines and treatments to protect people from contacting the disease and prevent even more deaths. That's why the first bill U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) introduced at the outset of this pandemic was the RESULTs for Coronavirus Patients Act - legislation specifically designed to fast track the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's (FDA) approval process for drugs, biologics, and devices approved in other countries to combat the coronavirus.

With the hope of a vaccine on the horizon, Sen. Cruz called on Congress to move forward with the legislation, saying:

"Nearly 50,000 Americans have lost their lives and more than 26 million Americans have filed for unemployment as a result of this pandemic. When it comes to approving a vaccine that will save lives and ensure people can safely return to work, the American people don't have time to waste on bureaucratic red tape for cures than have proven safe and effective in other countries. It's time for Congress to pass the RESULTs for Coronavirus Patients Act now, so that should another country with renowned research facilities and safety standards develop a vaccine that can stop this disease and save lives, the U.S. is ready to bring it home."

Far too often, regulatory barriers at the FDA delay approval of new pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tests, and medical devices for months and months - time the American people simply don't have. As Sen. Cruz said upon introducing the bill:

"These are important steps Congress can take now to flatten the curve and slow the growth of this pandemic. The sooner we act, the sooner we can protect more Americans from contracting this dangerous virus and the sooner we can save more lives."

Sen. Cruz has long championed reforms to the FDA and is the author of the RESULT Act, which would amend the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to allow for reciprocal FDA approval of drugs, devices, and other medical therapies already approved in other trusted countries, thereby increasing access to life-saving innovations for all Americans. Read more about Sen. Cruz's efforts to overhaul the FDA's approval process here.