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Sen. Cruz Issues Statement On Omnibus Vote

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today issued the following statement on the omnibus vote:

“Today we saw unaccountable politicians pass a 4,155-page, $1.7 trillion spending monstrosity. This is the kind of wasteful and irresponsible spending that has plagued Washington, D.C. for far too long.

“It is the height of recklessness for Senate Republican leadership to cut a deal with House Democrats who were just voted out of power and give away the leverage that the incoming Republican majority in the House of Representatives could have used to force the Biden administration to change course on policies that are harming America. Without this leverage, the Biden administration will now be able to continue the reckless spending spree that has led to uncontrolled inflation. They will keep pushing anti-energy policies that have caused gas prices and home heating prices to rise. They will continue reckless immigration policies that have led to open borders and a massive influx of deadly drugs and illegal immigration. Their soft-on-crime policies will continue to endanger our communities. The main beneficiaries of this bill are those on the receiving end of left-wing pet projects and pork-barrel spending while the American people will get stuck paying the bill as they continue to suffer.

“Due to the disastrous polices of Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats, inflation is out of control, the border is wide open, and crime is soaring. This $1.7 trillion spending boondoggle will drive inflation and prices even higher. For the sake of Texan and American families I voted no.”