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Sen. Cruz Issues Statement Marking One Year Since the El Paso Shooting

HOUSTON, Texas - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), today issued a statement marking one year since the shooting at the Cielo Vista Walmart in El Paso that killed 23 people and harmed many more:

"On August 3rd last year, a deranged white supremacist and domestic terrorist committed an act of unspeakable evil that shook El Paso and left the nation weeping. Twenty-three people died, and their families and the El Paso community were grieving.

"In the days that followed, I remember visiting the memorial that members of the El Paso community set up overlooking the Cielo Vista Walmart and the parking lot. I remember the cars of those who were shopping at the Walmart when the shooting happened were still there, and I knew that some of the owners of those cars would never return. As members of the El Paso community gathered at the memorial, you could feel the grief and the sorrow as intensely as the August heat.

"I met with families who had lost loved ones and families of those who were injured and struggling. I met with law enforcement, first responders, 911 operators, doctors and nurses. Despite the darkness, it was inspiring to see the love, compassion, heroism, and strength in El Paso.

"I visited with a woman who was shot at the Walmart, who told me that a stranger pulled her into his car to drive her to the hospital to save her life. I visited with another woman, a woman in her eighties who had been shot and who had lost her sister. In the face of barbaric atrocity, she was filled with joy, she was filled with love, she was surrounded by her family, and she was looking forward to getting home and mowing her lawn.

"What I saw in El Paso was a community respond to despicable hatred with tremendous love. I saw heroes - men and women from all walks of life, of every color and creed - come together and stand as one. And on this day, we again remember the 23 people who lost their lives, and we remember their families and loved ones who carry the weight of this day on their hearts.

"El Paso is strong, and I will tell you the entire state of Texas, and the entire country stands united with the men and women of El Paso today, as we remember what happened one year ago. We will get through this, and we will come through this together."