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Sen. Cruz Files DOTCOM Act as Amendment to Highway Bill

Requires Congress to have an up or down vote on the Obama Administration’s plan to give away the Internet

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today filed the DOTCOM Act as an amendment to the highway reauthorization bill. Cruz's amendment is identical to the version of the DOTCOM Act being considered by the Senate with one exception: it requires Congress to have an affirmative up or down vote on the Obama Administration's plan to give away the Internet.

"When the DOTCOM Act was considered by the Commerce Committee, I noted that it was a good faith effort to begin to provide congressional oversight over this exceptionally important topic -- namely the Administration's announced intentions to hand over control of the Internet to a multi-national, multi-party group.

"The original DOTCOM Act provides for congressional oversight, but it sets the presumption that if Congress doesn't act in thirty days, the Administration can go forward with its stated intention. The version I have filed today simply reverses that presumption and says that the contract with ICANN has to maintain in place unless Congress acts.

"There has been a persistent pattern for a number of years of Congress acquiescing and handing over our authority. The Constitution gives legislative authority to this body, and over and over again members of this body have been willing to give away our Constitutional authority. If it is a good idea consistent with U.S. national security interests to hand over and give away the Internet, then Congress should debate that and approve it.

"If my amendment is not adopted, here's a look into what will happen: the report will be submitted to Congress. Thirty legislative days will pass. Congress will do nothing. The version I have filed today simply reverses that presumption, and says that the contract with ICANN has to remain in place unless Congress acts.

"I understand there is urgency to pass legislation to provide oversight of the Internet. I also believe we should act affirmatively to protect Internet freedom and the amazing engine for economic growth and opportunity the Internet has become, and I urge my colleagues to support my amendment."

Complete text for the Cruz DOTCOM Act amendment can be found here.



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